A Contrastive Linguistic Analysis of Inflectional Certain Morphemes of English, Azerbaijani and Local languages: A Comparative Analyze

 Essay in regards to a Contrastive Linguistic Analysis of Inflectional Destined Morphemes of English, Azerbaijani and Local languages: A Comparative...


A Contrastive Linguistic Analysis of Inflectional Bound Morphemes of English, Azerbaijani and Persian Dialects: A Relative Study

Bahram Kazemian1 & Somayyeh Hashemi2


This kind of study aims at contrasting and comparing inflectional bound morphemes of British, Azerbaijani and Persian languages in particulars to determine any similarities and differences between them. To accomplish this, an inventory of Azerbaijani, Persian and The english language inflections with examples and illustrations are listed to focus on their similarities and differences. There are restricted numbers of inflections in each language and they are utilized to suggest aspects of grammatical function of your word. Effects reveal that you have more different types of inflections in Azerbaijani terminology than in English or Local and; they will share several common homes as well as a number of dissimilarities. The english language and Persian represent even more irregularity in terms of plurality to get nouns and affixation intended for verbs; Azeri incorporates many inflections into each category as well. Right after are the major source of issues for a indigenous speaker of Azeri or Persian to learn English and vice versa. To overcome this, teaching must be effectively and efficiently handled at these different take into account smooth the road for scholars. Based on the findings of the study, some implications may be drawn for translators, textbook writers, syllabus designers, learners and instructors involved in language pedagogy.

Keywords: contrastive analysis, Azerbaijani and Local languages, inflectional morphemes


Contrastive examination has been a necessary and methodical branch of applied linguistics which in turn deals with the linguistic description of the structure of several different dialects. Such detailed comparison and contrast serve to show just how languages change in their audio system, grammatical composition and language. This type of evaluation can be used in language teaching, translation, and of course, designing syllabus among others, to indicate the areas in which the similarities and discrepancies among two or more 'languages' are present.

Azeri language, also called Azerbaijani, is a official language of the Republic of Azerbaijan, though a lot of dialects from the language happen to be spoken in numerous parts of Usa such as Azerbaijan Provinces, Ardabil, Hamedan, Gazvin and Zanjan Provinces. Azeri language can also be heard in parts of asian Turkey, upper Iraq, and southeastern area of the Republic of Georgia. Azeri people in Iran and the Republic of Azerbaijan will be bilingual. Throughout the world, there are regarding 30 million or more indigenous speakers of the language (Farzaneh, 1998). Local (Farsi) is usually an Indo-European language, used and written primarily because an official vocabulary in Serbia, Afghanistan, and a part of Tajikistan. It is drafted from right to left in the Arabic-like abece (Mace, 2003).

In every these places, English is incrementally turning into popular and essential because of educational, social events and circumstances and it has become a compulsory subject in colleges and of course to get families in the society. Because English educators, the extremely important importance of learning and instructing English morphology should be identified. The ability to accept the components of words, i. e., affixes, roots and word families etc ., is usually believed to be an important skill in language learning and teaching (Yarmohammadi, 2002).

Morphology and Sure Morphemes would be the focus by many experts in neuro-scientific linguistics and language teaching. Azeri and Persian EFL learners in order to master explicitly or withought a shadow of doubt bound morphemes and inflections respectively. The complexity in learning English inflectional morphemes, which in turn Azeri and Persian college students are likely to come across, seems to come up from several linguistic systems as well as distinct linguistic affiliation. Two factors have been submit for the considerable emphasis on this issue: the value and requirement...

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