Analysis of Wellbore Lack of stability in Top to bottom, Directional, and Horizontal Wells Using Field Data

 Analysis of Wellbore Lack of stability in Up and down, Directional, and Horizontal Water wells Using Discipline Data Dissertation

Journal of Petroleum Research and Engineering 55 (2007) 83 – 92

Analysis of wellbore instability in vertical, directional, and horizontal water wells using discipline data Meters. A. Mohiuddin, K. Khan, A. Abdulraheem ⁎, A. Al-Majed, M. R. Awal Center pertaining to Petroleum and Minerals, Analysis Institute, King Fahd College or university of Petroleum and Mineral deposits, P. O. Box # 755, Dhahran - 31261, Saudi Arabia Received 18 Apr 2005; approved 26 April 2006

Abstract An old overseas field made using up and down and directional wells has been redeveloped by drilling lateral wells. The knowledge gained whilst drilling straight and online wells can be not useful for drilling lateral wells, because the failing rate is 1 in 3 slots. Quantification of drilling concerns in 60 wells display that bulk are restricted holes. Trapped pipes and hole packs offs can also be significant in number. Difficulties loss of output is due to trapped pipes. A preliminary study of shale in sections where problems arise, show zero chemical reactivity. Petrographic research confirmed the fissile and brittle nature of shale with occurrence of available, partially cured microfractures and partings. Ordinary mechanical simulation predicted the safe off-road weight home window for lateral wells as 76–90 PCF, depending on azimuth. However , all the horizontal wells analyzed with this study had been drilled making use of the same mud weight windowpane. Therefore , field based guidelines like preliminary mud pounds used for going, mud excess weight increment and problems per well had been used to examine wellbore instability, identify different instability mechanisms and design and style safe dirt weight windowpane for drilling horizontal water wells. These variables were employed first for the drilling data of vertical wells to formulate the procedure to get the evaluation of wellbore instability and identify the mechanisms of instability. The developed method was then simply applied to the drilling data of directional wells showing the dependence of dirt weight on the inclination and azimuth with the well. Finally, the procedure was applied to side to side wells data along with the notion of critical washouts to infer the safe mud pounds window while 77–80 PCF in East–West and 82–85 PCF in North–South directions. The safe mud fat window is validated upon another set of drilling info showing 90% success rate. The analysis concurs with the existence of anisotropy in lateral stresses and it is extremely useful in cases where there is significant variation in mechanical properties of different levels of water tank rock. © 2006 Elsevier B. Versus. All legal rights reserved. Keywords: Wellbore lack of stability; Drilling data analysis; Wellbore wall stabilization; Differential sticking; Mud breach; Pore pressure penetration

1 ) Introduction Wellbore instability manifests itself in different ways just like hole pack off, abnormal reaming, overpull, torque ⁎ Corresponding creator. E-mail address: [email protected] edu. sa (M. A. Mohiuddin), [email protected] edu. sa (A. Abdulraheem). 0920-4105/$ - find front subject © 2006 Elsevier B. V. Most rights appropriated. doi: 12. 1016/j. gasoline. 2006. 04. 021

and drag, sometimes leading to caught pipe that may require inserting and aspect tracking. This requires additional time to drill a hole, generating up the expense of reservoir development significantly. In case there is offshore domains, loss of gap is more essential due to a limited number of gaps that can be drilled from a platform. Going an ingauge hole is usually an interaction of two factors: uncontrollable and controllable. Uncontrollable


M. A. Mohiuddin ainsi que al. as well as Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering 55 (2007) 83–92

elements are the earth stresses (horizontal and vertical), pore pressure, rock durability and rock and roll chemistry. Manageable factors consist of mud weight, wellbore azimuth and inclination. A proper drilling program increases the controllable factors with all the knowledge of unmanageable factors. The controllable factors are seriously dependent on ordinary mechanical patterns of rock and roll. For example , it is...

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