Antigone â€"Individual Mind Vs . Regulations Of The State

 Antigone Individual Conscience Or Laws In the State Composition

In the play Antigone by simply Sophocles, Antigone chooses to abide by the laws with the Gods rather than the precepts in the mortals. Even though Antigone's activities were rash and often disputable, she does the right thing by choosing to follow her individual mind rather than obeying the regulations of the state. Her decision to go against Creon's decree in order to bury Polyneices leads to many sad consequences. Though she is facing death, imprisonment, and committing suicide, Antigone is usually not regretful. Her decision is not only conscientious and virtuous but it also areas the gods.

Antigone decides to hide her close friend out of respect pertaining to the law from the gods whether or not it means disobeying her granddad, King Creon. " I actually am not afraid of the danger; if it means death, it will not be the most detrimental of deaths " " death without honor (Sophocles, p. 193), " � Antigone is going to sacrifice anything to bury Polyneices because in her view, death without honor is usually worse than death. " It was certainly not God's aveu. That final Justice that rules the world below makes no this sort of laws (Sophocles, p. 208), " � her approval for her action is that the edicts of the gods outweigh those people of the men. She states her reason for her activities and enunciates her philosophy that individual mind precedes the state.

Burying Polyneices proves to get Antigone's devastation. Outraged together with the dishonor pertaining to his kingdom and his decree, Creon decides demise while Antigone's fate. " This death of mine is of no importance, but if I had developed left my mate lying in death unburied, I should have suffered. Now I do not (Sophocles, p. 208). " � Regardless of the fact that Antigone will get a death sentence, she actually is not remorseful. " You cannot find any guilt in reverence for the dead (Sophocles, s. 210), " � Antigone argues against Creon stating that her punishment can be not an honest deed since she acted out of respect to get the useless. Her loss of life sentence is later changed to imprisonment in a stone vault. Antigone recognizes no way out of her tomb and so...



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