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Appendix M

Part We

Define the subsequent terms:



Ethnic group

Being a member of an cultural group, specifically of a group that is a community within a bigger society.


Discrimination against prejudice or hostility towards Jews.


A irrational fear or perhaps prejudice towards Muslims and Islam.


A fear of foreigners or strangers or of that which is foreign or strange.


The methodical mistreatment of an individual or group simply by another group.

Religious group

A subgroup within a religion that works under a prevalent name, traditions, and personality.

Part II

Select at least one particular religious and 1 ethnic/racial group not really your very own from the list below.

Religious teams (based upon


Evangelical Protestant

Mainline Protestant

Historically Dark Churches

Roman Catholic

Latter-Day New orleans saints (Mormons)

Jehovah's Witnesses

Orthodox (Greek, Eastern)

Judaism (Orthodox, Conservative, or Reform)

Buddhism (Theravada or Mahayana)

Islam (Sunni, Shia, Sufism)


Racial/Ethnic teams (based about divisions in U. H. Census Bureau documents)

Cookware (Asian descent)

Black (African descent)

Hispanic and Latino (South or Central American descent)

Pacific cycles Islander (Polynesian descent)

White (European descent)

Part 3

Answer the subsequent questions in 150 to 250 words and phrases each about the faith based group you selected:

How can your chosen religious group differ from different religious organizations (such as in their philosophy, worship procedures, or values)?

Roman Catholics are very tight in their religion. One thing they may have is different praying they conduct. They have to confess to the priest of their sins. Their worship is quiet, reserved with no raising in the hands with out clapping. Roman Catholics are extremely political centered. They are incredibly dominant. They want their religious beliefs and their religious beliefs only. Other religious organizations are more outgoing and more in to praising Our god then just being silent. Other faith based groups will be more known for enabling people learn about their actually reaches meaning performing out reach. The Catholics believe simply going to house of worship on Weekends and also not working on Sundays, it's the day time of rest. Additional religions have got church through the week and also maybe twice on Sundays. Other churches have different outings and very active with other people of the cathedral. While additional churches usually do not believe into socializing or perhaps socializing in church.

What has been the experience of your chosen religious group with other folks that do not really share the beliefs or perhaps practices?

I possess never experienced a both roman catholic church, but I possess followed a catholic church before. Thus i am going to foundation my findings from that. I have changed my faith to Pentecostal. Pentecostal is somewhat more of the the southern part of style of house of worship. It is similar to gospel the place that the Catholic House of worship is more specialist. At certain times you have to do selected things, and still have certain parts when it comes to a Catholic Cathedral. Pentecostal and also other gospel chapels do not have that. The opinions are a little distinct but they both believe in god non-e the less. I use to make use of a Muslim, that the believes are incredibly different. They believe in a complete different the almighty. They too have to pray at certain times, I really believe he declared he had to pray 3 x a day, and in addition they need to confront mica whenever they do.

In what ways has the faith based group you selected contributed to American tradition?

Roman Catholic features played a massive role in American history as well as globe history. Prior to we create a government the Roman Catholic Church was your government. They will told all of us how to work, what to do, who also to be as well as what to eat. Many persons had a hard time with this. This induced a feud between people who followed the religion and those who did not. This also caused a battle between your...



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