Bride Wars and Sexism

 Essay in Bride Wars and Sexism

Katie Boyd

English 102-1BB

Dr . Hakima

23 The spring 2013

Star of the wedding Wars and Sexism

The movie I chose to examine about sexism is Bride Wars. Bride Wars is approximately two feminine best friends Liv (Kate Hudson) and Emma (Anne Hathaway) who are getting married on the same day, concurrently, and at a similar venue. Both the are portrayed as being close friends forever until one would not switch her wedding day after finding out they were to be married on the same time. The two start their separate ways in planning their weddings and use techniques to settle back at each different, such as changing the color of the spray tan or changing the color in the hair dye. Wedding day occurs and an upsetting video of Emma takes on as she is walking down the aisle that she takings to interrupt Liv's wedding by tackling her before the alter. This ends with Emma dialling off her wedding and breaking the proposal and Liv getting married. Both the then constitute and go back to getting best friends. Film production company ends with Emma coming back again from her honeymoon after marrying Liv's brother and both saying that they are pregnant with the same due date. The film Star of the wedding Wars reveals the viewer with the common stereotyped perspective of women, specifically brides-to-be. Film production company portrays the main characters as overly emotional crazed bridezillas. This meaning is unpleasant because it is representing brides because selfish and crazed bridezillas who will do whatever it takes to get what they want. Much just like other films of its kind, Bride Wars begins by offering two girl best friends who also are fiel. In this film the movie commences with Liv and Emma whose desire is to get wedded at The Plaza Hotel in June. Quickly forward regarding twenty years and the two continue to be inseparable. Soon after Liv locates a Jewelry and Company. box in her and realizes it truly is holding a diamond ring. She goes toward a tavern with Emma and meets up with two other good friends and announces to all of them she is engaged before the band is even on...

Offered: Bride Wars. Dir. Whilst gary Winick. Perf. Kate Hudson and Bea Hathaway. Movie script by Greg DePaul, 06 Diane Raphael, and Casey Wilson. 20th Century Sibel, 2009. DVD AND BLU-RAY.

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