Example – Cunard Line, Limited.

 Case Study  Cunard Collection, Ltd. Essay

Case Study – Cunard Range, Ltd.


Cunard can be facing a problem as to whether their very own marketing work should go to tactical marketing promotions or if they should be used on marketing the entire brand although facing the consequence of a downturn. Analysis


Cunard Collection Ltd. is actually a cruise line that represents high-class and class providing four to five star cruiseship options. Their very own overall target market is mature adults with mid to very high income-levels. A lot of the advertising efforts put forth by Cunard were going towards tactical efforts plus the promotion of individual ships as opposed to the promotion of the whole brand. Although most of the advertisements portrayed the same look together an independently tailored passage and/or photography. Set back caused by the worldwide economic downturn as well as the Korea War features caused Cunard the dilemma of risking their esteemed company photo to provide customers with greater discounts or perhaps develop different marketing strategies that may seek to keep their 90% occupancy charge without reducing their high quality position. This created even more pressure to get the creation of " sales oriented” marketing, which usually would endanger their first class image. With competitors including Carnival who is able to provide significant discounts, that makes it hard for Cunard to avoid using the same approach in order to compete. Segmentation Approach

Cunard seems to have taken a Concentrated Advertising approach to segmentation. Generally, they will focus on one particular target market – the upper class. Although this can be seen as a drawback in an economic climate experiencing a recession, by simply segmenting based upon this specialized niche income and lifestyle, Cunard is able to tailor their solutions specifically to them rather than concentrating on more than one marketplace and not rendering the best services possible. Nearly their adverts and manufacturer perception display this segmentation but they generate efforts to communicate individually with their consumers. This is shown through through letters...



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