Case Study: Lactic Acid

 Essay upon Case Study: Lactic Acid

EmmaВ Hutchman

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1 . В WhereВ doesВ lacticВ acidВ comeВ fromВ duringВ vigorousВ exercise? В В


ItВ comesВ whenВ theВ glucoseВ andВ sugarВ ofВ ourВ bodyВ cellsВ areВ convertedВ intoВ energy. В OurВ bodyВ cellsВ haveВ extraВ accumulationВ ofВ glucoseВ andВ nutrients. В DuringВ aВ vigorousВ exercise, В itВ comesВ fromВ muscles. В В WhenВ anyВ vigorousВ activityВ isВ carriedВ outВ thenВ LacticВ acidВ isВ produced. В ItВ isВ producedВ everyВ timeВ whenВ exhaustingВ activityВ isВ experienced. В ResearchersВ suggestВ thatВ itsВ levelВ isВ directlyВ relatedВ withВ theВ levelВ ofВ aerobicВ activity. В EvenВ itsВ levelsВ areВ notВ sameВ inВ allВ ofВ theВ peopleВ whoВ carryВ outВ sameВ exercise. В ThereВ areВ variousВ psychologicalВ factorsВ whichВ alsoВ controlsВ theВ levelВ ofВ LacticВ acid. В В

2 . В WhatВ isВ theВ differenceВ betweenВ aerobicВ andВ anaerobicВ respiration? В В TheВ primaryВ differenceВ betweenВ aerobicВ andВ anaerobicВ respirationВ isВ thatВ aerobicВ respirationВ involvesВ theВ useВ ofВ oxygenВ whileВ anaerobicВ respirationВ doesВ notВ involveВ oxygen. В CellularВ respirationВ isВ howВ cellsВ produceВ energyВ inВ theВ formВ ofВ adenosineВ triphosphateВ molecules. В AerobicВ respirationВ alsoВ producesВ moreВ energyВ thanВ anaerobicВ respiration. В AВ finalВ differenceВ betweenВ theВ twoВ kindsВ ofВ respirationВ isВ thatВ aerobicВ respirationВ producesВ carbonВ dioxideВ andВ waterВ asВ byВ products, В whileВ anaerobicВ respirationВ producesВ lacticВ acid. В

3. В WhyВ isВ lacticВ acidВ formedВ evenВ whenВ theВ athleteВ isВ breathingВ oxygen? В В В

LacticВ acidВ fermentationВ isВ theВ productВ ofВ anaerobicВ respirationВ inВ theВ musclesВ andВ otherВ partsВ ofВ theВ body. В ThisВ typicallyВ occursВ duringВ exercise. В ItВ isВ probablyВ trueВ thatВ peopleВ don'tВ stopВ breathingВ soВ thereВ isВ oxygenВ enteringВ theВ bodyВ butВ notВ enoughВ toВ sustainВ intenseВ exercise. В AnaerobicВ respirationВ andВ lacticВ acidВ fermentationВ isВ aВ fastВ andВ efficientВ wayВ ofВ gettingВ energyВ toВ theВ muscles, В evenВ ifВ theВ consequenceВ isВ lacticВ acidВ buildВ upВ andВ aВ lowerВ amountВ ofВ ATP. В IfВ theВ musclesВ andВ otherВ partsВ ofВ theВ bodyВ needВ theВ energyВ fast, В lacticВ acidВ fermentationВ isВ theВ key. В В В...



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