Essay in Cipro

Medication classification: Cipro

Major Drug Classification:

Antiinfectives/ wide spectrum

Key Drug Actions for this classification:

Decreases conversion of intermediate GENETICS fragments into high-molecular weight DNA in bacteria; GENETICS gyrase inhibitor

Purposes of drugs with this classification:

Adult urinary tract attacks (including complicated); chronic microbe prostatitis; severe sinusitis; infectious diarrhea; typhoid fever; difficult intraabdominal infections; nosocomial pneumonia; exposure to breathing anthrax

Common Side effects and Side Effects from medicines in this category: CNS: Frustration, dizziness, fatigue, insomnia, despression symptoms, restlessness, seizures, confusion. GI: Nausea, increased ALT, AST, flatulence, reflux symptoms, vomiting, diarrhea, oral candidiasis, dysphagia, pseudomembranous colitis, dried mouth. HEMA: Bone marrow depression INTEG: Rash, pruritus, urticarial, photosensitivity, flushing, fever, chills, poisonous epidermal necrolysis. MISC: Anaphylaxis, Stevens-Johnson symptoms, visual impairment, QT. prolongations. MS: Tremor, arthralgia, tendon rupture

Breastfeeding Implications:

Tests required before administration (include nursing examination, labs, and so forth ) Determine pt intended for previous level of sensitivity reaction. Examine pt to get signs and symptoms of infection which includes characteristics of wounds sputum, urine, feces, WBC > 10, 000/mm3, fever; obtain baseline info before, during treatment. Get hold of C& S i9000 before beginning merchandise therapy to distinguish if correct treatment have been initiated. Assess for anaphylaxis: rash, urticarial, dyspnea, pruritus, chills, fever, joint discomfort; may occur a few times after therapy begins; epinephrine and resuscitation equipment should be available for anaphylactic reaction. Determine urine result; if reducing, notify prescriber (may suggest nephrotoxicity); also check for improved BUN, creatinine. Monitor blood studies: AST. ALT. CBC. Hct, bilirubin, LDH, alkaline phosphatase, Coombs' test monthly if...



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