Compare and Contrast the Colonization of Jamestown, Plymouth, and Ma Bay

 Compare and Contrast the Colonization of Jamestown, Plymouth, and Ma Bay Dissertation

HIST 1301: U. S. Background to 1865

Fall 2012

Essay Project #1

Issue: Compare and contrast the colonization of Jamestown, Plymouth, and Ma Bay. Be sure to discuss the settlers engaged, the purpose of the colonies, the success or failure with the colony, significant developments linked to colonization, plus the role of religion in the colony.

HIST-1301-009 -- U. S i9000. HISTORY TO 1865

Essay Task #1

Jamestown, Plymouth, and Massachusetts Bay are belong to English Colonization. There have some comparison among these three spots. Jamestown does not have any settler, but only 100 male journeys which was leaded by Captain John Cruz looking for quick profit. After that, Thomas Entrances sails 500 colonists and Lord Delaware arrives with 150 colonists in Jamestown. However , several with Jamestown, although Plymouth and Massachusetts Bay were settled by simply different people; Plymouth was steeled by Separatists from the House of worship of Great britain and Massachusetts Bay was steeled simply by Non-Separating Congregationalists, but all those settlers are generally Puritans. The settlers of Plymouth will be 101 guys, women and children. In Massachusetts Bay, more than 1000 Puritans sail to get America in 1631 following 1630. Jamestown is for these adventures looking for a quick profit. But in Plymouth and Ma Bay, both of them settled up not for quick. Plymouth was settled to stop persecution. Massachusetts Bay was settled to reform the Church of England, to some degree, the settlers build a new society inside. Unfortunately, not like the achievement in Plymouth and Massachusetts Bay, the colonization of Jamestown is definitely failure. Via 1607 to 1624, persons in Jamestown died coming from 14, 000 to 1, 132. In Plymouth, after they settled the nest up, it still experienced many people died with the first victor. The settlers helped the Wampanoags, and colony started to be self-sufficient inside the following yr. Then, detrimental government also grew away of house of worship government. As Plymouth's achievement,...



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