Crucial Events in 1850

 Important Events in 1850 Essay

Betsy Rivera

Period 5



If we were to write down everything that throughout your life had made us become who we could now, we would make a lengthy list speaking about different events that took place to us in different years. The United States background in such a subject is similar to that. Many years was required to pass in order to make America what it is today. Considering that the beginning of yankee history many people and events experienced made each year differ from one other. When you are speaking about the United States History and discuss regarding the year 1787 an important that occurred this year was the signing of The Constitution. Or if we mention the tragic function of the cal king towers all of us remember that industry in September 11, 2001. But what will you recall from the year 1850? Just like any other yr in 1850 several incidents happened that helped condition the United States. In literature most likely one of the renowned book " The Scarlett Letter” was written by Nathaniel Hawthorne. If this wasn't pertaining to the Endanger of 1850 slavery might had considered a distort, imaginably probably slavery might had taken part throughout California or perhaps in other claims in which captivity was eliminated. Other than occasions in 1850 some great achievements were developed by Levi Strauss, jeans.

In 06 6, 1850 Levis Strauss made his first green jeans. Levis Strauss His invention started out a worldwide sensation, Lewis Strauss & Company. This well-known jean organization was significant during the 1850's because it brought new fashion trend jeans which in turn helped maqui berry farmers during the popular Gold Rush and was also the first blue jean company in the us. Later inside the years Levis Strauss denim jeans improved sometime later it was he added the famous indigo color as well as the jeans arouse popularity. Even up to now Levis are still very popular, all as a result of Levis advent in jeans in 1850.

Not merely were denims such as crucial phenomenon in 1850 but also in literature Nathaniel Hawthorne story " The Scarlett Letter” was a strike. When the book was released in March 16, 1850...



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