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Assignment Name: - Look Out Hazards Regarding!


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Assignment Kick off Date

Wednesday 16th March 2011

Job Hand in Dates

Assignment you

14th February 2011

Task 2

twenty ninth March 2011

Assignment a few

6th The spring 2011


To accomplish a move grade you need to show that you can to:

To accomplish a merit you must present that you are able to:

To achieve a distinction you must show that you can to: P1 explain potential hazards and the harm which may arise via each in a health or social proper care Setting.

P2 outline how legislation,

policies and types of procedures relating to overall health, safety and security effect health and interpersonal care configurations M1 illustrate how health and

safety guidelines, policies and

procedures enhance the safety of individuals in a overall health or interpersonal care establishing

P3 carry out a risk assessment in

a well being or sociable care establishing

M2 assess the hazards determined

in the health or cultural care


D1 generate recommendations in

relation to recognized hazards

to minimise the risks to the

assistance user group

P4 describe possible focal points and

reactions when dealing with

two particular incidents or

emergencies in a health or perhaps

social proper care setting.

M3 discuss wellness, safety or security concerns arising from a certain incident or perhaps emergency in a health or perhaps social attention setting. D2 justify replies to a

particular incident or emergency in a health or perhaps

social attention setting.

Assignment 1

Successful completion of this will allow you to create evidence to meet Grading Requirements P1, P2, M1 (February 14th 2011) You have sent applications for a new task as a Health and Safety official. As part of interview process you may have asked to carry out a presentation upon hazards in health and interpersonal care options and send a report

Task 1 (P1) – Produce a PowerPoint presentation with notes that explains potential hazards as well as the different harm and misuse that may occur from every in various wellness or social care settings. You should consist of:

a) the physical environment

b) equipment

c) infections

d) substances

e) operating conditions

f) functioning practices

g) security systems

For each type of hazard discuss the actual harm and abuse it could cause in the health and interpersonal care environment you speak about and the sort of service users who can be affected. Also explore how individuals such as staff, visitors or sufferers could cause the hazard.

Task two (P2) or (M1) – Produce a written report to fill in at the interview about different health and security legislation, plans and techniques. To meet Pass criteria you need to summarise the primary points of every and crucially how this stuff influence practice in health insurance and social treatment settings. You have to include sections on the pursuing:

a) Guidelines and guidelines – HASAWA, COSHH, RIDDOR, Data safeguard, manual managing etc . b) Safeguarding – vulnerable adults (POVA) and children and young people etc . c) Guidelines and techniques – mishaps, disposal of body waste, storage of medicines, fire, security, cleaning, food protection etc .

Please make sure you plainly outline in section c) how each policy and procedure demonstrates the requirement of legal guidelines and recommendations. Throughout each section you have to discuss the roles and responsibilities of employers and employees of companies as well as other individuals like guests and relatives.

To attain a Worth you need to illustrate how health insurance and safety guidelines, policies and procedures promote the safety of people in a health or interpersonal care environment. This involves you returning to problems that you identified in Process 1 . Dealing with each danger you need to clarify how legal guidelines, policies and procedures you discuss can minimise the danger for services users,...



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