Several land utilization in nigeria downtown environment

 Various property use in nigeria urban environment Essay


An examination of the effect of land use features on residential choice producing: Implication to urban transportation planning in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. SURV (DR) chima OGBA


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Keywords and phrases: Land work with, residential decision making, city transit, and traffic congestion.


In current practice, hardly any Metropolitan Organizing Agencies attempt to capture the consequence of transportation system changes upon land employ, and the accompanying feedback results on travel system functionality, despite considerable evidence why these effects may be significant. It has resulted in aimless urban expansion characterized by not enough order in land work with development and many importantly targeted traffic bottlenecks. This kind of informed the advantages of this research whose primary objective is to assess the effect of individual land employ types on household residential choice producing and implication to downtown transit organizing. The study implemented 3001 tools to 15 research locations and land employ survey was carried out employing foot and automobile inspection and evaluation of the 2006 updated vehicle photomap of Port Harcourt metropolis, employing Arcview GIS. However , home residential decision making in the study location was statistically confirmed to be dependent upon available transportation options, business, public/semi public and recreational land uses given a fantastic income level. In terms of percentage land make use of allocations in the study region, residential land use (26. 8%) and transportation (2. 68%) makes up the highest total area of the research area followed by open area undeveloped (20. 80%) and mostly marshy environment. The occupation of 7. 61% of Port Harcourt urban terrain area simply by transportation property use is generally responsible for traffic jam in the study area. Other land uses such as commercial (11. 65%), rivers (12. 25%), general public and partial public (10. 34%) and commercial (10. 54%) wherever mapped in the study place. The study consequently recommended several counseling approaches for sustainable vehicles and area use planning to include development of fly-overs at significant intersections just like Eleme, Artilery, Waterlines, Agip, Rumuokuta; maintenance of existing highway networks; enlightenment of motorists; and the using geographic data system (GIS) for area development and land work with planning.

TS01J - Master and Regional Planning


Chima Ogba and Inah Okon

A great assessment in the impact of land make use of characteristics about residential choice making: Implication to downtown transit preparing in Dock Harcourt, Nigeria.

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1 . Introduction

A great urban region implies an area with different and spatially dispersed terrain uses. These types of land uses attract and generate actions to and away from them. Consequently, the more land uses an urban area has, the more varied or greater: the places; modal trips; socio-economic actions; mobility disputes vis-Г -vis congestions. These movements will be restricted if the precise location of the land uses is not really planned. Furthermore, the fact that available transport facilities do not increase additionally rate because that of offered traffic especially during the few hours of peak demand in the morning and evening hours of working days, even more compounds the case. This has been the situation in Nigeria's urban centres for years right now and this has continued to assume turmoil proportions because as towns grow in size and population, demand around the urban transport system raises. The resolution of this issue, the disequilibrium between require and supply of urban transportation has always been a challenge to...

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