Range Interview Task

 Diversity Interview Assignment Essay

Diversity Interview Task

SW 3410 Human Habit and the Interpersonal Environment

Steven D. Sledge

Madonna University or college


The folks in the world that we live in are exceedingly diverse, in terms of the ethnicities, religions, male or female classifications and physical talents. Social employees must have a definite understanding of the outcomes of diversity and big difference and the mechanisms of oppression and splendour as they relate to human advancement. The range of numerous ethnic and cultural backgrounds that social workers is going to practice in is large. Because of this, social workers must have an understanding with the values and attitudes of any multitude of distinct cultures as well as an understanding that belongs to them attitudes and values to diversity. This assignment is going to explore the ethnic range of two individual registrants of Madonna College or university. Mr. Joshua Munn, a student of Korean language decent and Ms. Qi Mao, students of Chinese decent.

I. Basic Description with the Interview and Setting (Mr. Eric Mun) The interview with Mister. Eric Mun took place upon Wednesday February 13 with the international college student help desk on the first floor in the main hallway at Vergine University in approximately a couple of: 30 pm. Mr. Mun was extremely busy, similar to all Vergine students, producing papers and answering queries for the other worldwide students. I asked if it would be possible to achieve the interview within a setting exactly where we could better hear each other but with his schedule and mines, that was not likely. The interview went frontward with me position at the table and with Mr. Mun answering questions in-between supporting the other students. 2. Information acquired.

Mr. Eric Mun describes himself ethnically as Oriental because both of his mother and father are Asian plus the cultural physical traits such as skin color, curly hair color and cultural actions have all recently been passed down to him. When asked what ethnic group that Joshua identifies with, he replied that this individual identifies him self as Korean language. Mr. Mun grew up in Seoul, To the south Korea and is also 23 years outdated. He is a sophomore by Madonna having a G. G. A. of three. 80, at present majoring in corporate administration. Eric grew up in Korea and came to america when he was 15 years of age and has been around the United States to get 6 years. He states that he graduated from a prep institution in The atlanta area G. A and attended Michigan Express University in 2008. After a semester in M. H. U. Richard says that he signed up with the Korean Marine Corps and served for two years as an artillery gunner, but was honorably discharged being a sergeant. The moment asked what he recalled when he first recognized his ethnicity, he replied that his father and mother had been doing work for the U. S. Army for over 30 years in the Section of Felony Intelligence. This is when he began to realize who having been. Eric says that he previously several opportunities to meet with U. S. military and their kids and that he discovered the differences in that case. I asked Richard what this individual considered to be the positive and bad aspects of becoming Korean. Richard replied that he thinks that Hard anodized cookware people are the very best academically and they are good at working with numbers and studying. In comparison, he thinks that this negates a lack of physical athletic abilities. I asked Richard what this individual believes are a couple of the exceptional characteristics penalized Korean. Eric replied that the most special feature of being Korean is the focus on respect of elders. This individual states that he offers seen deficiencies in respect for elders in most Western civilizations that would hardly ever be suffered in Korea. Eric mentioned that this individual has not knowledgeable racism as he has been around the United States; on the other hand he feels that there is a bias against people of Asian ancestry in the business world. III. Basic Description of the Interview and Setting ( Ms. Chi Mao) Another interview took place on March 19 and was with Ms. Qi Mao. Ms. Mao is known as a 31 yr old student and describes herself as a member of China's Han nationality, which can be the largest...

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