Economic analysis survey OGDCL

 Financial analysis report OGDCL Essay


Essential oil & Gas Development Business Limited

Economic Analysis Survey

Period protection: 1st July 2011 to 30th Summer 2012

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Financial evaluation approach ------------------------------------------



Key conversation points intended for AGM---------------------------------------

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We certainly have tried to execute holistic and integrated economical analysis of OGDCL with all the help environmental analysis, sector analysis, business operational assessment and gross annual report.

1 ) 1 Circulation chart of analysis approach

2 . 2 Requisite vital documents pertaining to financial evaluation

The under stated documents are necessary to perform thorough analysis of financial position, performance and money position of OGDCL

1 . Monetary plan-Year 2011 to 2015

2 . Audited financial statements-Year 2012

3. Internal taxation reports

4. Management letter /. Letter of internal control from external auditors your five. Minutes of board gatherings

several. Energy sector analysis

Energy is considered the savior of economical development. For any developing economic system with a excessive population expansion rate, it is crucial to keep a balance between energy supply and growing needs. If perhaps corrective measures are not effectively anticipated significant constraints start emerging pertaining to development actions. The rise in global strength demand has increased questions concerning energy security and increased the focus in diversification, generation and useful allocation. The response lies in the attainment of optimal strength mix through fuel alternative by promoting energy productivity and alternative energy and interregional co-operation. Nevertheless , oil and natural gas will continue to be the planet's top two energy sources through 2040.

Pakistan's economy has been growing in a average expansion rate of almost 3 percent for the last 4 years and demand of energy both by production and consumer end is elevating rapidly.

Pakistan's total energy consumption stood at 32. 8 million tonnes of oil equivalent in 2010-11. The comparative importance of the various sources of energy consumption of Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG), electricity and coal has become broadly comparable since 2005-06. The talk about of gas consumption was at the greatest equal to 43. 2 percent of the total energy mixture of the country, accompanied by oil (29. 0 percent).

3. you Crude Oil

The entire supply of commodity future trading for the fiscal season 2010-11 was 75. several million barrels. The sixty-eight. 1 percent was imported and 31. on the lookout for percent was locally removed.

3. a couple of Natural Gas

The consumption of increasing natural gas can be rapidly. Since on January 31st 2011, the balance recoverable natural gas supplies have been estimated at twenty four. 001 Trillion Cubic Feet. The standard production of natural gas during July- March 2011-12 was 4236. 06 million cuft per day (Mmcfd) as against 4050. 64 (Mmcfd) throughout the corresponding period of last year, showing an increase of 4. 57 percent. Gas is used in general industry to organize consumer things, to produce bare cement and to make electricity. By means of CNG, it can be used in transfer sector and many importantly to manufacture fertilizer to boost the agricultural sector. Currently twenty-seven private and public sector companies are engaged in oil and gas query & production activities.

a few. 3 Melted Petroleum Gas-LPG

LPG at the moment contributes just 0. 5% to the total primary energy supply near your vicinity. However , 87 percent...



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