A result of Mno2 on the Decomposition of Hydrogen Peroxide

 Effect of Mno2 on the Decomposition of Hydrogen Peroxide Article

Biochemistry Catalyst Statement


I are trying to check out the effect in the mass of magnesium dioxide used on the velocity of the result of 2H2O2(aq) пѓ 2H2O(l) + O2(g). My spouse and i hypothesize which the speed in the reaction is definitely proportional to the rate of decomposition.

Impartial Variable

The mass of MnO2 used

Centered Variable

The interest rate of decomposition through the sum of mass lost

Managed Variables

Environment of the experimentStay in the same place to handle the experiment and finish the experiment as fast as possible in case of a rapid change in several areas of the environment Volume of H2O2 usedMeasure the volume using a computing cylinder

Uncontrollable Variable

The temperature from the H2O2 cannot be controlled because the process, that i am planning to speed up through adding catalysts, is a great exothermic effect, meaning that high temperature is given away in the process. Because it gives off temperature, the temperature cannot be controlled and this will affect my personal results, since there would be more than one dependent variable. I was simply allowed H2O2 from the same source, which means no refreshing source of H2O2 at a controlled temperature. I could certainly not wait for the H2O2 to decompose to a certain temperature because that will take too much time. I could certainly not use the factors to help the H2O2 to decompose to that particular temperature for the experiment to start because it would be challenging to gage if you should take out the catalyst and catalysts are unable to be used up.


пЃ¬Top pan harmony

H2O2 – 300ml

MnO2 –5g

пЃ¬50ml Beakers - 10

пЃ¬Conical flasks -- 5


пЃ¬Cotton Made of woll

пЃ¬Measuring cyndrical tube



1 . Collect the equipment and place it up similar to the plan above. 2 . Using a top pan stability, a beaker and a spatula, evaluate 0. 1g, 0. 2g, 0. 3-g, 0. 4-g and zero. 5g of MnO2 and place them in several beakers. several. Measure 50ml of H2O2 using a computing cylinder and fill a few beakers with 50ml of H2O2 every. 4. Create a new cone-shaped flask and enough natural cotton wool to pay the hole of the conical flask on the top baking pan balance. Struck the " TARE” press button. 5. Roll in 50ml of H2O2

6. Record the mass displayed

7. Roll in 0. 1g of MnO2 and cover the hole of the conical flask with the natural cotton wool 8. The total weight of the answer would then be the mass documented in step 5 plus the mass of the MnO2 in step several 9. Commence timing if the MnO2 can be added.

15. Record the mass shown on the top pan balance every single 5 secs. This experiment is to manage for simply a minute. 14. form a results table

12. Do it again steps 4 to 10 with the diverse masses of MnO2 and with new organic cotton wool


Mass of MnO2(g)0. 10. twenty. 30. forty. 5



050. 9551. 0250. 6648. 7248. 16

550. 9451. 0150. 6548. 748. 15

1050. 945150. 6248. 6848. 12

1550. 945150. 6348. 6748. 09

2050. 9450. 9950. 5748. 6548. 06

2550. 9350. 9950. 6148. 6348. 04

3050. 9350. 9850. 6148. 6148. 00

3550. 9350. 9850. 648. 5847. 97

4050. 9350. 9750. 5948. 5547. 92

4550. 9250. 9650. 5848. 5247. 89

5050. 9250. 9550. 5748. 4947. 84

5550. 9250. 9450. 5648. 4647. 78

60гЂЂгЂЂ50. 9250. 9350. 5548. 4347. 72


Catalysts happen to be substances, that really help speed up reactions. Reactions happen when the two reacting particles collide, but if the force of their collision can be not above a certain level, the reaction may not happen. This minimum volume of energy required for the reaction to take place between the particles is called activation energy. Factors are useful mainly because they provide an alternate surface to get the allergens to react, with a lower activation energy. The disadvantage of using a catalyst is that the reactions are not since energetic and therefore the product is less. For this reaction, less air would be developed. Catalysts will never be used up. And because they are under no circumstances used up, we can easily collect all of them back after the reaction, still as good as ahead of without changing chemically.

Just before adding the catalysts, simply...



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