Experiment Composition

Experiment: 1

Tittle: Preparation of bis(acetylacetonato)copper(II) sophisticated Objective: To synthesis the bis(acetylacetonato)copper(II) complex Introduction:

A complex ion is usually type with excessive charge thickness metal ion as a central and development of put together covalent relationship (dative bond) with substantial electron molecules or ions. These substances or ions are performing as ligands (electrophile in organic compounds). They are conveniently attracted by simply electrophile (electron deficiency atoms or ions ). Ligands are kinds that have at least 1 lone pair of electrons which might be readily donated to a steel or a great ion to form a coordinate bond. According to lewis acid- base theory, all ligands are lewis base as they act as donor. In the on the contrary, the metallic, central atom act as an lewis acidity as it receives lone couple electrons in the ligands when forming the complex ions. The real estate of lewis acid is usually to have substantial electron insufficiency. For move metals through this experiment, the high impose density, confident charge and the vacant connecting orbitals causes tendency to attract lone couple electron by simply filling up their particular vacant orbitals. Metal acetylacetonates, formed with a metal and multiple acetylacetonate anions, happen to be prime instances of coordination processes. In this try things out, the metallic use is birdwatcher (II) ion which is crystal blue in colour in the next copper(II)nitrate. All metal ions in remedy can respond well with water. Water molecules can be weakly bonded or more strongly as a ligand to form a complicated ion, and these can also present in sturdy ‘hydrated' salts of crystallization. For example , copper mineral (II) nitrate (Cu(NO3)2∙3H2O) The metal complexes that contain in least one ammonia (NH3) ligand are metal ammine complexes. Metallic acetylacetonates are coordination complexes derived from the acetylacetonate anion(acac) and metallic ions. The coordination quantity of a complex ion is the volume of coordinate bonds being produced by the metal ions at its central.

Apparatus: beaker, glass fly fishing rod, measuring tube, suction filtration set

Supplies: copper(II)nitrate Cu(NO3)2. H2O, phosphate, acetyl acetone, distilled normal water


First, 6g of copper(II) nitrate (Cu(NO3)2∙3H2O) was mixed in 60cm3 of normal water and the remedy of 1: you Ammonia was added gradually with mixing until the medications first shaped has just redissolved. The solution was continued to be stirred, then 6cm3 of acetyl acetone was added head to drop into the solution. The crude merchandise was strained off by using suction purification and was washed very well with water. After blow drying it carefully, the percentage (%) yield was then determined.


Gustar mass of Cu(NO3)2. 3H2O = 241 g mol-1

Molar mass of (C5H7O2)2Cu = 261 g mol-1

Colour of precipitate = Blue coloring

Mass of water piping (II)nitrate = 6. zero g

Mass of beaker = 134. 28g

Mass of beaker + raw product = 144. 13g

Mass of crude product = being unfaithful. 85g

Chemical substance equation:

Formula 1: (Cu(NO3)2∙3H2O) → Cu(H2O)62+ + 2NO3-

Equation a couple of: [Cu(H2O)6]2+ + 4NH3 →[Cu(NH3)4(H2O)2]2+ + 4H2O Equation three or more: Cu(NH3)4(H2O)6]2+ + C5H8O2 → C10H16CuO4 + 4NH3 + 4OH-


a Theoretical deliver

Cu(NO3)2. 3H2O + two C5H8O2 (C5H7O2)2Cu + a couple of HNO3 +3H20

Mass of Cu(NO3)2. 3H2O used sama dengan 6. 0g

Molar mass of Cu(NO3)2. 3H2O = 241 g mol-1

Large molar mass of (C5H7O2)2Cu = 261 g mol-1

Mole of Cu(NO3)2. 3H2O=


= 0. 024896 skin mole

From equation, you mole of Cu(NO3)2. 3H2O produce you mole of (C5H7O2)2Cu. Skin mole of Cu(NO3)2. 3H2O= Skin mole of (C5H7O2)2Cu

= zero. 025 gopher

Mass of (C5H7O2)2Cu= Skin mole of (C5H7O2)2Cu X Large molar mass of (C5H7O2)2Cu

= 0. 025 mol Back button 261 g mol-1

= 6. 525 g

b Percentage yield

Percentage (%) yield=


= 150%


The steel use in this experiment can be copper(II), a transition element in the D-block of the regular table. To define changeover element, they can be d-block...



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