Gender-Related Differences and Their Influence about Communication

 Gender-Related Differences and Their Influence on Interaction Research Daily news

Gender-related Differences and Their Influence in Communication

Agnieszka Ciedka-Grajerz

Supervisor dr hab. Elżbieta Szymaoska-Czaplak




Różnice płciowe my spouse and i ich wpływ na komunikację

Agnieszka Ciedka-Grajerz

Promotor doctor hab. Elżbieta Czaplak




A defieicency of the relationship between language and gender has been studied for quite some time and its traditions is much longer than feminist linguistics. Through the years of studies it became a distinct discipline expertise consisting of linguistic studies, with regards to communication habits connected with gender-related differences and cultural tasks of sexes. A human understands how to speak and communicate from the first months of his/her lifestyle. The young kids have their personal way of communication and every baby babbles in the same manner but when they start using peers that they watch teenagers and parents and start to regulate their sounds as to speak more like a male or more such as a woman depending on their male or female. Communication, the industry process of sending and receiving emails, consists of two styles: verbal and non-verbal one particular. The verbal communication helps you to distinguish speaker's gender and age along with educational and ethnic qualifications. Nonverbal interaction is everything which accompanies chinese, including imitate, gestures, look and the possible vocal tone. In the two fields a significant difference between men and women may be observed as they have different tempers and good manners. In every community there are different stereotypes regarding gender and according to them, women talk a lot and are also sensitive whereas men will be aggressive and dominant. Many researchers working with communication try to describe gender-related differences in interaction patterns. They will prove that people are different in many aspects, including biology, psychology and the language they use. However, there are some research workers who think that men and women are even more alike than they are distinct and the differences in the use of dialect are not significant at all. The purpose of the daily news is to go over the gender-related differences in interaction patterns since influenced by biology and also psychology. Inside the first portion, the significant terms such as interaction, gender and sex are defined. The latter one is dedicated to the review of the research in the field of gender-related differences and the influence about communication.

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There are many disciplines which cope with gender, you start with biology, through psychology, right up to linguistics. Although the purpose of this daily news is to examine the linguistic aspect of gender-related differences, the consideration starts with the natural and emotional features being that they are believed to form the background for the discussion which in turn follows. The researchers concur that men and women differ considerably in most of these areas. Taking biology into consideration, you can actually notice just how people change visually nevertheless the biological difference extends also into hormones which are certain for each love-making. This big difference is also observed by scientific sciences, which include psychology. The researchers identify two elements: sex, which is biological, and gender, which can be psychological and social. The first and main difference which can be discovered is the physical appearance which differentiates men and women. The differences are associated with the level of testo-sterone, which makes males more aggressive than females. This masculinization of mental faculties are determined previously in the prenatal life of a human. The reduced level of androgenic hormone or testosterone results in a better developed right hemisphere, which causes men's rationality, and larger integration of both...



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