Health Problems in the 19th and 20th Generations and What Lies Ahead

 Health Problems in the 19th and 20th Generations and What Lies Ahead Essay

Medical problems of the 19th and twentieth Centuries and What Is situated Ahead Emily P. Preboski-Michel

A. Big t. Still School

Health Problems with the 19th and 20th Hundreds of years and What Lies In advance

Health concerns over the last two hundreds of years have substantially changed and evolved over time with advancements in contemporary medicine, the image, surgical techniques, vaccines and research. This paper is going to explore a number of the major health issues that predominated over the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. In addition it will also include a discussion regarding current medical problems considered to be very serious and developing as a great epidemic. To summarize, the daily news will put into question how health education and campaign may help reduce those impacted by the current and upcoming health conditions we encounter. North America inside the 19th century faced epidemics of illnesses such as yellowish fever, cholera, smallpox, autorit? and typhoid (Taylor, 2009). Cholera premoere appearance in 1832; farmers, companies and neighborhoods improperly disposed of animal and industrial waste materials in the waterways which perpetuated the propagate. Climate, geographic location, physical contact with others and living environment were thought to be factors in the standard of susceptibility (Harvard University Library Open Choices Program, 2013). The crisis spread up the Mississippi Water ultimately bringing about the fatality of more than 40, 000 Americans in 1866 (Taylor, 2009). In the beginning of the twentieth century the fitness of women and their very own babies was considered a serious health problem; for every 1000 births, six to nine girls in the US died of pregnancy-related complications and 100 newborns died before age 12 months (Mackel, 1990; Loudon, 1992). During 1938-1948 a shift in the proportion of newborns born in hospitals increased from 55% to 90% (Children's Bureau, 1950). During those years medical improvements such as the utilization of antibiotics, oxytocin to induce labor, secure blood transfusions and supervision of hyptensive conditions during...

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