Inventory Management System

 Inventory Management System Essay



These day, computer is among the technologies that many people utilization in their everyday lives. The utilization of computer is one of the fastest growing and most significant developments within our time. People used computers to give easiest and fastest method of finding information. Most students used computer systems to their study, assignments, projects, thesis and it is most effective technology because it offers us more knowledge and that we can master something via it. The Inventory Management System includes the computerized conserving of transaction within the clinic. Like documenting the available supplies, buying and receiving order, and the set of all suppliers. The system can provide instant details about all products on hand items. Consequently users who manage inventory level can immediately solve any scarcity problems, considering that the system provides easy-to-use software for users to see inventory levels. Simply by recording daily usage, the machine updates inventory constantly with the aid of database management program running as the back end.

Qualifications of Study

Inventory is basically the total amount of products and materials held in inventory by a manufacturing plant, store and also other business. A listing system is a procedure whereby a company keeps track of items and materials it has obtainable. In its most basic sense it is possible manually by a count by the end of each time. In this way it will be easy to keep a record of the goods coming in to the organization and merchandise being sold. Seeing that manual inventory consumes lots of time and is susceptible to errors, it would be helpful to make a system that could computerize the transactions by acquisition of the item description to updating the inventory database. The computerized inventory program will improve employees' work effectiveness by computerizing routinely and time consuming duties such as the time spent in taking down product information. Because of this, the time can be utilised in more productive activities. The accuracy with the current system will also be superior, since the electronic inventory system would eliminate the need of constantly encoding long details of goods by having an inventory database. The Inventory Management System is a recommended system for the Norzagaray City Hospital. It was proposed to allow the production of correct information, fast collection of correct data, reduce the amount of paper used, and to retail outlet large amount of info and details occupying a little office. Several benefits of the machine are to supply a computer-based data system intended for the current products on hand and monitoring, to lessen the manual techniques, and to make the machine store and generate efficient report. The present inventory system of the municipal hospitals of Norzagaray is actually a manual means of recording of all of the data that they need for their particular report like the name of the supplies, the supplier, the expiration particular date, the price, the description, and buying With this, the project acts as a computerized inventory program for the Norzagaray City and county hospital. The program will provide the needed and storing information in a more quickly, more convenient method by storing file from the supplies, medical apparatus and patient meal in a computer system that will lessen the effort of owner in storing documents every now and then. System Overview

The proposed project is the development of a network-based inventory application solution intended for hospital. The proposed software program solution can automate the gathering of products on hand information, allowing hospital staff accurately take care of supply level, easily screen expired products and patient's food, and successfully track merchandise usage.

The proposed application solution will include inventory management for clinic medical apparatus and tools, supplies and patient's meals.

Statement of the problem

The proponents aim to present the typical problem and specific problems. General trouble. The purpose of this study is usually to develop a better inventory...



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