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The iPod is known as a well-known product line of Apple, which target the market of portable digital music. Everyone knows how accomplishment the iPod was, and just how it became the golden egg for Apple. The ipod device has changed distinguishly the music market and the approach we enjoy the most popular music. Additionally , Steve Jobs' iPod saved the entire Apple Computer via collapsing and helped Apple (after the name altered in 2007) reborn with high influence on the digital device markets. One by one, the iPod production, which includes the Mini, Picture, Classic, Nano, Touch, and so forth, captured the hearts of consumers with high-end hardware, iconic design, and top-notch product packaging. The ipod touch has without a doubt become a extremely successful item, even at the international scale. Even this year, eleven years after its first first appearance, " the iPod keeps having over 70% of the Music player market share, in accordance to data from the NPD research group. And it's even now the best-selling MP3 player for most countries” (MacTech). Beside the huge success of the iPod in term of technical development and profits, marketing plays a major part in contributing to the overall succeed of the ipod device product line. Apple's iPod Online marketing strategy helped the iPod remains ahead of the video game, raised twelve-monthly sale, and completely annihilated any attempts of competitive product. This kind of paper is usually an examination of Apple's ipod touch Marketing Strategy through the study of its advertising mix: product, place, value, and promotion.

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The iPod is a item that changed distinguishly the music industry with top quality technology and iconic design and style. The ipod device is the perfect example of how excellent Apple's service is usually; they tune in to the demands and would like of customers in designing this device. If we resume before 2001, the term Music player was used to refer to large machines that play MP3 music with poor design and style, sluggish performance, and disappointed customer knowledge. On the core level, customers who were looking for good MP3 FORMAT players needed a product that is portable, fast, and with high storage capacity. Apple efficiently captured these needs and turned these ideas into making their original ipod touch: small , fast, and affordable. Furthermore, Apple was also able to style the iPod in a way that fulfill customers' wishes. According to David Taber, " Apple was making electronic earrings that likewise played MP3's. Never centering on price, they brought to market more value, even more style, and new ways of interacting with digital media” (Weisbein). Apple would not stop generally there; it guaruntees the ipod device stays ahead of the game by simply keep driving hardware standard and supporting service. Inside the hardware division, Apple regularly makes progressive improvements, like the introduction from the control tire, the holding screen, etc ., and update with more durable components throughout the product line. In term of supporting service, Apple introduces the iTunes as a support software that distributes content material for the iPods (and later with all the iPhones and iPads), including songs, videos, and software. Another thing that Apple succeeded well was going to give the iPod a stylistic and iconic look. For a long time, the iPods have become a way accessories and a must have for those who looking for that " cool” status. The high business of iPod has proved that the globe fancies their sleek design. Apple has been doing a right factor to keep its exterior design and style almost identical for many years. Not merely has this made the iPod immediately recognizable, it includes also made iPod a signature style of Apple. The minimalist designs, the screen with playlist, and easy get buttons with the iPod include won all over the world. With this sort of advantages in functionality and artistic appeal, iPod effectively brought forward very high brand equity in the mind of its buyers. In term of item knowledge, Apple iPod may be the de facto standard inside the digital very good music player market. Whenever someone...

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