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If i had to choose to travel to 1 place, it could be Vietnam. Vietnam is my own beloved region which is found in the Southern East Asia. The country is definitely not big compared to the other countries, yet Vietnam provides its own unique traditions and civilizations for it to stand out towards the world. I like Vietname since it is my much loved home town, which is filled with many beautiful sightseeings, amazing foods, and favorable people.

Everyone has their home town and nationality. My spouse and i am individually proud as a Vietnamese. We am now living in America, but my own heart alway misses Vietnam, where i had been born and raised in. Every other year, during summertime, i always make an effort to spend some time to see my nation. Hanoi is one of amazing sightseeings which located in the Red Riv Delta of North Vietnam. The capital from the Socialist Republic of Vietnam is Hanoi. Hoan Kiem Lake is known as a famous place where features people do exercises around the shore, and multiple shopping around the pond. Especially, an unusual breed of turtle live in drinking water for over hundred years, and he floats up only one time a year. In addition, there is a brow at the pond, and excellent famous legend story of your sword behind its development.

Beside all the beautiful opinions and places of Vietnam, food is another reason that we love the us. Even when I come to America, Need to find Japanese food tested recipes to cook at home simply by meself, since there are not many Thai restaurants in the usa. Vietnamese foods are very superb, and the tastes are memorable. " Pho" is a special noodle which has great style, and it is easy to eat. If perhaps any foreigner who wants to make an effort food, " Pho" is a number one meals that they tend to eat.

Lastly, friendship is highly treasured. Vietnamese people always welcome vacationers, and they are pleased to show the loyalty with their own nation. Also, Thai people are soft, peaceable and friendly. This can be part of my own country classic culture. Friendship has been raised by the Thai...



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