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 Deutsche Brauerei Essay


Deutsche Brauerei (DB) is a German company owned by simply 16 Schweitzer family members. It had been founded in 1737, and has been in the family intended for 12 years. DB makes two types of beer; light and dark. Both are popular and have earned quality prizes.

The case centers around the auto financing of the company's expansion in to the Ukrainian industry (and possibly further in to Eastern Europe) and its effect on financial preparing, future dividends and staff compensation.

Backdrop Facts

A fireplace destroyed the manufacturing plant in 1994. New equipment was purchased. The modern equipment was more efficient and was able of increasing the capacity. Once DEUTSCHE BAHN expanded in the Ukraine (1998), the additional capability became necessary. The move into the Ukrainian market was very dangerous because in 1995 and 1996, their government was privatizing a lot of the free market. This would not impact DEUTSCHE BAHN.

For the Ukrainian marketplace, Oleg Pinchuk was appointed to market the beer very aggressively. Having been stolen from a major Ukrainian rival. He previously instant success because the beverage was considered to end up being richer compared to the domestic competition. Also, the industry was extremely fragmented which can be easier for the newcomer to have instant accomplishment.

The DEUTSCHE BAHN beer in Germany served its market segments through a network of 3rd party distributors. The distributors bought the beverage, stored the beer inside their refrigerated facilities and then marketed the dark beer to their buyers. Since the Ukrainian market was new, Oleg could not trust an established network of marketers. He had to establish a circulation strategy for DB in the Ukraine. Oleg is providing financing towards the Ukrainian vendors. But he has had to unwind the conditions several times today. It started at a couple of percent twelve, net forty five. It was elevated to net 80, increase in increased once again to net 90.

Issue Statement – Challenge – Opportunity Assertion

Greta Schweitzer will need to suggest the board on the economic plan, the dividend announcement and the reimbursement for Oleg. She would also have to analyze for what reason DB was borrowing thus aggressively but they were and so profitable. Lastly, Greta would need to determine if an aggressive transmission of Ukraine was necessary to obtain increased profits.

Economical Analysis

Our company is given the next financials to work alongside for the evaluation; pro forma profits statements, expert forma equilibrium sheets, historical exchange prices, sources and uses of funds claims, consolidated forecasted ratio evaluation, break-even data, ROI to get the Ukrainian investment and selected Ukrainian distribution data.

The pro forma cash flow statement reveals us which the revenue from your Ukraine is very important for DB to increase. Appendix 3 details this kind of analysis. Ukraine was first permeated in 1998, through 2002 it can be projected to encompass 41% of earnings for DB. The Ukrainian growth level is bigger, and it is feasible that one day the Ukrainian sales may surpass all their domestic product sales. It is most likely more likely that international sales will go beyond domestic sales if DIE BAHN was to grow into additional countries, specifically former Soviet countries. Ukrainian sales have the same operating margins as German sales. One downside to selling products in the Ukraine is switching the money back to all their domestic money (part of the case the domestic currency is the Deutsche Mark, in the latter portion it is the Euro). Due to an eastern european crisis in 1998, the Ukrainian Hryvna was devalued up against the DM. During this case, the Ukrainian Hryvna never restored. It's been trading in the same range resistant to the Euro for the past two years.

A key to the ongoing success in the Ukrainian marketplace is Oleg, fantastic ability to network with the fresh distributors, set-up financing, and find new markets in the country. His services are very valuable, and his knowledge of the country's beer market is rich. Based on the...



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