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Review kids of solutions available within the organisation for a selected curriculum area. Make, use and evaluate one of these in their instructing. Analyse the strengths and challenges in the selected useful resource and how it has supported learning.


Choosing the use of resources is a vital aspect of enhancing not only the learning experience for the student, nevertheless also the potency of the teacher's delivery. The fact that pupils do have got varying learning needs and designs, would suggest which the teacher will need to consider the many learning resources available that may help fulfil the student needs. Therefore it is important that the use of methods are fully integrative in the teaching approaches used, consequently complimenting to the effectiveness of these strategies. Teaching/learning resources that can be used are:

• Printed components

• Photographs and slides

• Posters

• Models

• Chalk/Black Boards

• Flip graphs

• Expense transparancies

• Audi coup and compact cds

• Strapping slide sequences

• Video tapes and film

• Laboratory tools

• True objects

• Computer primarily based resources

However , whilst there is a great deal of choice available to the teacher it is important to evaluate the options available fully in order to make sure that the seeks and targets of the program are achieved and that methods are not chosen in an unstructured way. Rather, the resources, should be a complimentary instrument to enhancing the learning encounter. This can make sure effective student learning, yet , if not really evaluated completely, this can have got a detrimental impact.

Cox and Harper (2000: 57-58) create general inquiries to consider when ever evaluating assets:

• Are the elements appropriate towards the learning final results? • Draught beer suitable in terms of the characteristics of the students? • Are they very clear and eye-catching and according to a professional approach to teaching? • Are they moderately cost effective?

• Are they suitable for the way they to be used?

• Could they be free from discriminatory language or images?

Consequently , when considering the most widely used resources which have been undertaken on the Certificate of Personnel Practice Course in Barking College or university the above things to consider will be considered. The desk below studies the learning resources that have been applied within the instructing context within the Certificate in Personnel Practice course at Barking University.

| |Powerpoint Demonstration |White Panel |Paper based handouts |Computer Based Solutions | | | | | |(Compact Disc) | |Appropriate towards the learning |Extremely useful to ensuring|The whiteboard is normally used|The handouts used are a |The compact disc provided to| |outcomes |a focus on the objectives of|within the periods to |useful resource in |the learners provide an | | |the course. The power |highlight and explain |reinforcing the students |interactive version with the | | |of employing Powerpoint would it be |further the objectives of |learning. Although it is |paper based handouts that | | |allows the use of image |the period. It is a good |recognised that a number of |the students receive. | | |information to reinforce |complimentary resources for |complimentary solutions |Through the usage of | | |arguments/analysis. |ensuring that the |should be used...

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