Management Information System

 Management Info System Article

Chapter 1 – Example

Case One- Shroff Worldwide Travel Proper care

1) Tour the internet site. Who do you consider this website is primarily created to assist regional customers or global customers? A) In my opinion that website is made to assist the local customers more so then the global market. The causes being is that most of the alternatives like the flight, tour deals and accommodations are designed for persons in or near the Thailand. For example all the outgoing routes are through the Philippine Airport to additional destinations. The purchase price is in the Philippine currency, the visa details is for the Philippine neighborhood. The worldwide tour information is in the Asia destinations and for mostly the Philippine community. The website is definitely not entirely updated while using proper coding and prices. 2) How does empower SITCI travel agents to provide better personal service to clients? A) They need to design the web site for the consumer to be able to publication their own flight or demand that details from the travel around company thus there is not a delay on time for the client. They should also include hotel links to provide use of the amenities from the lodge and difference in the areas including the rates. Also, which include suggestions for the clients that could provide entry to quality spots to dine and also go sightseeing to supply superior in order to the customers. The company should have the ability to include custom travel and leisure plans which include five time tour to special locations and undertaking things such as going to different isle and travelling accommodations when you are there which include getting to and from the locations. The sight should also potentially have of having chat or a drop box conversation where the customer support representative telephone calls you back again, chats or emails you back with all the answers to your questions or problems that are arising. Chapter 8 – Case Study

Case One – Wells...



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