Postal Essay

Communication of Acceptance

Approval must be disseminated by the offeree or someone who is sanctioned by the offeree.

Operation of Postal Secret

When contracting parties happen to be bargaining far away, typically by means of mail, problem may happen because the celebrations could not know at the same time whether or not they had produced a contract. Consequently , a general regulation indicating time of an effective acceptance began. The postal rule was developed for comfort and certainty. It is an exception to the standard rule.

Since established in Adams sixth is v Lindsell (1818), where acceptance is full as soon as the notification of acceptance is placed. The secret for the post is that acceptance is effective even if the notice is postponed, destroyed or perhaps lost in the post in order that it never reaches the offeror.

The poster regulation applies when acceptance simply by post have been requested or where costly appropriate and reasonable ways of communication between parties.

The postal regulation does not apply where the ways of communication will be immediate.

The ‘postal rule' was verified in Household Fire and Carriage Crash Insurance Company v Grant (1879),

Even though the postal rule does give a clear definition of acceptance and provide certain degree of convenience, while using evolution of quicker types of communication including e-mail and telephone, it is less likely the fact that parties can contemplate a postal approval. With the risk and potential unfairness, apparently postal rule may be out-of-date and other types of marketing and sales communications of popularity deem more appropriate.



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