Unhealthy weight in America Annotated Bibliography

 Obesity in America Annotated Bibliography Essay

John Smith

Mister. Jones

English language 101

doze May 2013

" Americas Obesity Crisis. ” Toon. BarictricFreedom, 27 June 2012. Web. 02 April 2013. The image " Americas Obesity Epidemic” can be described as cartoon picture of Uncle Sam smoking cigarettes a stogie and he is an extremely obese individual, his face looks very bad and he looks nothing can beat the original The government. Beside his head we have a place that indicates that he is declaring something. It's one word and is says " What Obesity Epidemic? ” This cartoon image was made to demonstrate people that America is inadequately educated on the obesity crisis and also that America sees no problem with the obesity problem in the United States. That government combined with the men and women of America are not taking the unhealthy weight epidemic really. Men and women will not see the dangers of being obese; America is terribly educated in terms of the overweight epidemic. People of America know that obesity can cause challenges; however , they cannot know all of the health risk that comes with it. If weight problems is causing American's to have many health issues that can cause death, after that why are Americans not currently educated about this problem. Overweight in America leads to approximately 325, 000 fatalities per year. This can be a close second behind smoking cigarettes as the primary cause of avoidable deaths in the usa. This unown artist assists viewers recognize that obesity should not be taking softly, that some thing needs to modify so that imply and women know about the obesity pandemic. The only way to curb the obesity epidemic is to start by educating the folks it influences. Godbout, Neil. " Duty the Manufacturer of Unhealthy foods, Not the Consumers. ” Prince George Citizen. Royal prince George Citizen, 03 Nov 2006. Internet. 02 April 2013. There are plenty of ideas to tips on how to help the overweight problem, one particular being a duty on unhealthy food; however , should the men and women purchasing the junk food end up being taxed or the producers from the junk food? This article " Duty the Producers of Unhealthy foods, Not the Consumers” by simply Neil Godbout is about just how people will need to pay a tax on junk food in the usa, but who should the duty be on, the producers or perhaps the consumers of such junk foods? " People should pay more for chocolate pubs, milkshakes, cookies, cakes, sweets, and soda pop. The question is which people…who are the buyers of junk food? When you solution that issue, you get to how junk food taxes really is- a taxes on the poor” (Godbout). Men and women with low income may buy unhealthy foods because of its affordable, causing them to fall patient to the makers of processed foods. The customers of junk food shouldn't be those who have the tax because these men and women are not able to help they can only find the money for junk food. The producers of junk food are making a substantial amount of money on the sales of their item. These makers also realize that their system is unhealthy and that it is a fa?on for causing obesity. So in the event these suppliers know that they are harming people's health and having rich off from it, they should be the ones that obtain taxed pertaining to junk food. " But may just duty the manufacturers. Go the extra mile and get extreme, just like governments have with big tobacco. Put safety measures on trash food… Take some of the proceeds from junk food manufacturers and subsidize fruit and vegetables producers, so their particular product happen to be cheaper and therefore more attractive to shoppers” (Godbout). Junk food is recognized to be a cause for obesity. Obesity is related to many health conditions and can trigger death. Seeing that junk food is recognized to cause medical problems then there ought to be a alert label that sates the risks caused form eating this product. If perhaps producers of junk food had been taxed, the " proceeds” could go to many different circumstances to help change the obesity pandemic. If the " proceeds” can go to helping better foods turn into cheaper than that would help the men and women with low income be able to associated with right selections and help the reduced class turn into healthier, reducing obesity in numerous...



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