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Pakistan's relations with the U. S. were set up and advanced during the rigid cold war period. In start, Soviet influence in Afghanistan and Iran compelled Pakistan's first Prime Ressortchef (umgangssprachlich) Liaqat Ali Khan to cement a pro-American and pro-western policy. Prime Minister Ali Khan made a tireless effort to establish relations with the Soviet Union, consistently asking Frederick Stalin to get military aid, but every attempts were rebuffed by the Soviets. In line with the PIIA, the religious history of Pakistan and the atheist background with the Soviet Union had developed major curve after Pakistan noted subservience which was pressured upon the allies in the Soviet Union. In 49, the Soviet Union directed a farewell message to Prime Minister Ali Khan, followed by the U. H. invitation in 1950. In this way P. Meters Liaqat Ali Khan built his initial tour to U. T. A intended for military aid rather civilian aid in 1953, United States assessed Pakistan because " a volunteer army of 3, 500, 000. After the signing of first shared defense treaty in May 1954, large-scale discussion between U. S. and Pakistani army started, with hundreds of representatives began to brought to U. T. on schedule and frequent basis, having trained shoulder-to-shoulders with U. S. A Army. Pakistan joined the US-led army alliance SEATO and CENTO. In 1954 the United States fixed a Mutual Defense Assistance Agreement with Pakistan. Underneath Ayub Khan Pakistan enjoyed a strong and healthy romantic relationship with the United States. Pakistan got aligned alone with the United states of america during the Cool War, rather than with the Soviet Union. Khan's government likewise provided a secret armed service base to United States. This 1960s era, Pakistan and her individuals were the most pro-American nation where the U. S. image was more positive than any other nation at that time. In 1961, Khan paid a state trip to the United State. In 1954, Ayub Khan experienced famously advised General Holly and the Usa that " I didn't come here to check out barracks. The army will be your army if you need us. Nevertheless let's make a decision. ” TONTO SCANDLE:


On 17 November 2011, American businessman Mansoor Ijaz publicly accused, Husain Haqqani of engagement with a secret memo to Admiral Mick Mullen seeking US involvement in changing Pakistan's armed forces and intelligence agencies. Ijaz claimed that in May, soon after Osama bin Laden was found in Pakistan, Haqqani dictated to him an forceful memo that he was to supply to the ALL OF US military command. Haqqani apparently told Ijaz that he was acting on the instructions of " the boss", which Ijaz accepted mean director Zardari. Delegate Haqqani rejected the accusations, and wanted to resign saying, " I really do not want this non concern of an unimportant memo written by a private individual and not regarded as credible by simply its single recipient to undermine democracy. On twenty two November 2011, Ambassador Haqqani officially resigned saying that " Pakistan and Pakistan's democracy are far more important than virtually any artificially made crisis over an unimportant memo written by a self-centered businessman. I use served Pakistan and Pakistani democracy towards the best of my personal ability and will continue to accomplish that. Then Mick Mullen and James smith confirmed the contents of memorandum.


The Substantial Court approved Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) chief Nawaz Sharif's request on the " memo gate” issue and place up a judicial commission rate. The request commission including Balochistan High Court Key Justice Qazi Faez Isa, Islamabad Substantial Court Main Justice Iqbal Hamee-dur-Rehman and Sindh Substantial Court Primary Justice Mushir Alam was asked to create its results in one month. The courtroom constituted the commission by exercising the the powers under Content 187 in the Constitution, Purchase 32 Rules 1 and 2 examine with Buy 36 of...



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