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 Physics Optic Lenses Dissertation

Giving Cert Physics long questions: Geometrical Optical technologies

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2012 - 2002

Solutions (to higher level inquiries only) get started on page 7

2012 number 12 (b) [Ordinary Level]

State the laws of reflection of sunshine.

How would you approximate the key length of a concave mirror?

The diagram reveals an object U in front of a concave reflect, whose target is at Farreneheit. Copy and complete the plan to show the organization of the image of the object To.

Give one use for a concave reflection.

2004 Question 12 (b) [Ordinary Level]

A concave mirror can produce a actual or a electronic image, with regards to the position of the object.

Try difference among a real photo and a virtual photo.

Use a ray diagram to exhibit the formation of any real graphic by a concave mirror.

A concave reflect has a key length of 20 cm. A subject is placed 31 cm before the mirror. What lengths from the mirror will the photo be created?

Provide two purposes of a concave mirror.


june 2006 Question 7 [Ordinary Level]

Expression and refraction can the two occur to rays of light.

Precisely what is meant by the reflection of light?

State the laws of reflection of light.

Illustrate an research to demonstrate one of the laws of reflection of sunshine.

The diagram shows a beam of light travelling from glass to surroundings. At M the beam of light undergoes refraction.

Make clear what is designed by refraction.

What special identity is given for the angle of incidence i actually, when the effect shown inside the diagram takes place?

In the plan the value of the angle i is 41. 80.

Determine a value to get the echoing index of the glass.

Attract a diagram to show what happens to the beam of light when the angle of incidence we is increased to 435.00.

Give one putting on the effect displayed in the picture you have sketched.

2003 Question 7 [Ordinary Level]

Condition the laws and regulations of refraction of light.

Clarify, with the aid of a labelled diagram, (i) total internal expression, (ii) critical angle.

The picture shows a 45o prism made of glass.

The critical perspective for the glass is usually 42o.

Calculate the echoing index from the glass.

The diagram shows a ray of light entering the prism coming from air. Copy the picture and show the way of the ray through the prism and back to the air.

Describe why the ray uses the path that you have got shown.

Give two uses of total internal reflection.

2012 Question 12 (b) [Higher Level]

The picture shows a ray of light as it leaves a rectangular prevent of a glass. As the ray of light leaves the block of glass, this makes an angle θ with the inside surface with the glass prevent and an angle of 30o in the next in the air, because shown.

In the event the refractive index of the cup is 1 . 5, compute the value of θ.

What would be the worth of the angle θ so the ray of sunshine emerges seite an seite to the side in the glass obstruct?

Determine the speed of sunshine as it goes through the cup.

2011 Question 12 (b) [Higher Level]

State the laws of refraction of light.

A light is located on the inside at the bottom of a giant swimming pool, 1 . 8 meters deep. Draw a beam diagram showing where the light appears to be, while seen by an viewer standing close to the pool.

At night, if the lamp is switched on, a disc of light is seen at the surface of the swimming pool. Explain why the spot of normal water surrounding the disc of light appears darker.

Calculate the location of the lighted disc of water.

(refractive index of drinking water = 1 . 33)

Optical Fibres

2004 Problem 11 [Ordinary Level]

Browse the following passing and response the enclosed questions. Optic fibres are constructed of very translucent glass or plastic. The fibres consist of at least two layers. Guiding light in an optical fibre is determined by how lumination travels through different mass media. Light waves are bent, or refracted, as they go between supplies of different...



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