Poems Comparison

 Poems Assessment Essay


In the poetry you have examined a continuing theme is that of ‘loss'. This can take various forms: fatality; identity; expect or loss in innocence

Go over the poets' treatment of any aspect of the theme of loss in by least six of the poetry you have examined. A minimum of three or more poems should be taken from the anthology.

Poems for discussion:

In greater detail

- Prayer Before Birth (Louis MacNeice)

-- Do not proceed gentle in to that good night (Dylan Thomas)

- A mom in a Renardiere Camp (Chinua Achebe)

Referred to

- Poem at Thirty-Nine (Alice Walker)

-Death Of A Boy (Jon Silkin)

-Mid Term Break(Seamus Heaney)

Damage is general. An inescapable condition of lifestyle; you cannot have one without the additional. Whether it is the loss of innocence of an unborn kid in " Prayer Before Birth” by simply Louis MacNeice, a mother's loss of her young child to poverty and starvation in " A Mother in a Refugee Camp” by Chinua Achebe or possibly a poet's lack of his daddy by fatality in retirement years in " Do not move gentle in to that good night” by Dylan Thomas. Although the three poems address a similar central theme, they are handled in very different ways which includes contrasts in structure, usage of language, imagery, symbolism plus the general sense towards damage whether it be anger, fear or regret. The majority of the circumstances include an undertone of desolation due to the inevitability of the condition whether this really is a sudden loss such as the lack of the children's brother in " Mid-term Break” by simply Seamus Heaney or a gradual impending damage such as that explored in " A Mother in a Refugee Camp”. I will examine in detail how the writers accomplish their specific impact on you by talking about, comparing and contrasting three main poetry with reference to three others which will be covered in less depth. All of the poems deal with death as a kind of loss. Though the attitudes towards death fluctuate quite substantially due to the conditions in which the loss of life takes place. " Prayer Just before Birth” may be the plea of an un-born kid who attempts forgiveness intended for the wicked deeds he can sure to devote once away of his mother's womb. The child perceives death while preferable to a life of torment, even so if the community is much less terrible while portrayed after that he would made a decision to live, " Otherwise get rid of me”. " Otherwise” suggesting that there is an opportunity that society is much less corrupt when he believes. For that reason death is viewed as a possibility of escape rather than an approaching horror. The structure with this poem is in the form of a prayer which has a different wish at the start of each stanza, following the constant repeating of " I am not yet born”. This further underlines the frustration of the child for a society in which they can grow up safely. The poet offers chosen to use a caesura following your word " born” inside the first type of every stanza. This puts emphasis on the other part of the collection which are his pleas; " console me”, " reduce me” " rehearse me”. " Tend not to go soft into great night " is the only other composition that explores death as being a positive in a few senses. Dylan Thomas can be describing his emotions concerning his declining father, to whom of course he does not want to expire but this individual has realized that in old age fatality is in fact a " great night” when compared to tragic deaths of children in refugee camps or these whose life is cut brief by a auto accident. " Great night” features strong connotations with a divine place of delicate nature in which those, in whose time is right to perish, will be content. However despite this realisation the poet still does not desire his dad to leave him and thinks that folks in senior years should " rage trend against the perishing of the light”. This creates a paradoxical truly feel to the poems as Jones knows that fatality is the best issue for his father but still, understandably, would not want him to go. This feeling can be emphasised by the repetition, 4 times, in the line " Do not proceed gentle in to that good night”, this alongside the uses of the phrases " light”, " right” and...



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