Pre-Activity Lichens

 Pre-Activity Lichens Essay

Pre-Activity Assignment

LichensName Hannah Kitting

Read the ‘Lichens and Atmosphere Pollution' situation and related chapter inside the textbook and then answer the next questions before class.

1 . Fungal cellular material are different from animals cells in that they have

a. cell membranes.

b. cellular membranes manufactured from phospholipids.

c. cell surfaces made of chitin.

d. cell walls created from cellulose.

elizabeth. true membrane bound nuclei.

2 . The symbiotic romantic relationship between the creatures in a verrucaire would finest be described as ____________.

a. commensalistic

n. mutualistic

c. parasitic

m. saprophytic

electronic. paramutualistic

3. What two organisms comprise a verrucaire?

a. infection and a bacterium

w. fungus and an alga or cyanobacterium

c. atlygis and a bacterium

g. alga and a vascular plant

electronic. fungus and a vascular plant

some. Lichens are incredibly sensitive to __________ polluting of the environment.

a. surroundings

b. thermal

c. soil

d. noise

5. Over the following class appointment you will work in small collaborative groups to answer four query sets.

Each person inside the group can act as the ‘facilitator' for starters question set, leading the group discussion, promoting insight from each of the other pupils (who will probably be acting since discussants') and formalizing the group response. In the role of a discussant, students present their know-how, experience and perspectives, compare and contrast the advices of various other members of the group and work together in the formula of the group response. At the end with the activity, you could be called onto present the group's answers to one from the question pieces (not always the one you were the facilitator for). You will become both a facilitator and a discussant in the activity. Make sure you possess critically examined the Lichens scenario and related section in the text message book so that you will are prepared to engage in all areas of the group activity....



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