press conference

 press convention Essay

The Press Conference

Jaime Cofield

Kaplan University


Dr . Carolyn Stevenson

Sept 19, 2013

My customers are 6 television stations including foreign media, three celebrities, film executives, as well as some other donors to the trigger. This will equal to about 140 people. We would also include the people that discover this event on television. The people of New Orleans plus the millions of followers of the Haiti homeless hard work will also be guests. When working with issues that arise the day, the hour, the moment before the function the first thing to perform is to stay calm. Bear in mind things happen. However , becoming over ready is better than becoming under ready. If an attendee is late consider associated with a miscommunication, or a postponed flight. We would have had the late attendee arriving several hours earlier than this kind of attendee was scheduled to reach. This would include allowed a grace time frame for holdups hindrances impediments and/or conversation complications. Also continuous communication through email and cellphone conversation may have minimized various issues that might have arisen. (Krugman, 2007) The weather in New Orleans can be quite hot and humid. The typical temperature is definitely 91°F as well as the humidity can be 91% in July. (The Weather Funnel, 2012) With proper preparing and analysis medical issues may have been minimal. Having drinking water for the camera staff and the friends and great relief areas for them to have refuge from the heat may also help prevent medical emergency. Possessing a medical tent with a medical staff that may handle this kind of size of persons can make sure safety and security intended for the participants. Transportation could become an issue. Research on the destination's traffic plus the history of concerns of situations that have acquired traffic holds off or incidences is the best way of avoiding the gaps and concerns. I would request the arrival time to always be 11am as this will allow moment for delays, visitors issue and rules. Based on the New Orleans Convention &...



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