Real Estate Business in Bd

 Real Estate Organization in Bd Essay

National Housing Authority

Grihayan Bhaban

Segunbagicha, Dhaka.

Cellphone: 9555744 (Off)

Report upon United Leasing Company

Program Name: Property Finance

Course Code: FIN-303

Submitted to: Bakhtear Uddin Talukdar

Course Instructor

Department of Financial

College or university of Dhaka

Submitted by: 1 . Lija Ahmad

ID no . 052-11-716

installment payments on your Towhidul Alam

IDENTITY no . 052-11-816

several. Farjia Tanjim

IDENTIFICATION no . 052-11-829

4. Silvia Naznin

ID no . 052-11-819

5. Salveen S

ID number 052-11-821

6th. Afrin Sultana

ID no . 052-11-818

Daffodil International College or university

Date: 16-04-08

Letter of Transmittal

04 04, 2008

Mr. Bakhtear Uddin Talukdar

Course Teacher

Real Estate Finance

Daffodil Worldwide University

Dear Sir:

Subject: Submission from the report about National Casing Authority.

We all, some students of BBA eleventh batch, want to submit a written report on the subject stated earlier. We want to prepare the record on this subject matter under your statement.

Therefore , we wish to seek the permission so that we can send the report.

Sincerely Your own

Farjia Tanjim

(On account of the group)


As, always in organizing a report, there are numerous people to say thanks to. Our appreciation goes to Bakhtear Uddin Talukdar, Lecturer of Department of Business Government, Daffodil International University, intended for preparing this kind of Assignment survey.

In addition to this, we would like to say thanks to Mr. MD. Ayub Ali, Deputy Overseer (Finance), Financial & Accounts, National Real estate Authority, who also gave us great support to collect the data.

Also thanks to all of our group members whom helped every others for making this statement. All users of the group include showed their finest effort to make the report in easy, clear, liquid and systematic method.

Though, most efforts have been made to make the report realistically comprehensive and better, right now there still may several mistakes and way in which the presentation can be further improved, our lecturer may help all of us in the right way and forgive us for this sort of mistakes.

Executive Summary

This can be a report, exactly where we have talked about, about the National Enclosure Authority. The National Casing Authority works as the guardian of the whole housing sector of Bangladesh. As Bangladesh has a big population, casing is one of the major problems inside our country. To fix the problem NHA is working very hard. Through their activities like providing house at an affordable price, breaking down of methods, emphasize within the disadvantaged visitors to ensuring house, they are looking to solve the condition. Their objective is to develop National Enclosure Policies as well. They have numerous completed assignments like Lalmatia Housing Property, Dhaka. Mohammadpur Housing House, Dhaka, Mirpur Housing Real estate, Dhaka. Kallanpur Housing House, Dhaka and more. Some of their upcoming projects are. construction of 648 nos. of flats for selling to Wage Earners at Mirpur, construction of 720 nos. of apartments for supplying limited profits group of people at ‘F' Stop, Mohammadpur, Dhaka etc . through this report we also discussed about their providing process, financial loan system, the limitations they looks in doing their very own activities. Origin of the statement

The record entitled, " Report about National Housing Authority”, is usually prepared to get Mr. Bakhtear Uddin Talukdar, Lecturer, Division of Organization Administration, Daffodil International University or college. The record is being submitted to fulfill the partial requirement for the study course, " Real-estate Finance”. The report will give you a brief understanding about the financial institutions plus the services they provide. Purpose of the report: В В В В В В В В В

The specific goals aimed for this report are:

- To fulfill the partially requirement of the course...

References: Print

Publication: 1

Real estate property Finance and Investments

Publication: 2

Annual Report june 2006 of NHA


Internet: 1 accessed in April 18, 2008.

Net: 2 accessed upon April 14, 2008.



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