Renaissance and baroque assessment

 Renaissance and baroque evaluation Essay




Renaissance and Baroque Comparability

There are two eras in the history of American Art that had a large number of achievements by art to music and literature. The period following the middle ages called the Renaissance was a cultural activity that started out from the past due 13th century to the 17th century. Home repair, music and literature installed out of this period helped in growing the Baroque period which will coincided with the 17th 100 years. These two traditional periods experienced many similarities, yet likewise differences in which will made the historical times very unique.

The Renaissance period experienced many attributes that were not common with some other historical period in history. Italian scholars and artists started re-examining the utilization of art and sculptures and were reawakened by the values of Both roman and Greek times (Renaissance Art, 2013). The Renaissance art was distinctive in the style of artwork and statues. New approaches were developed such as launch of olive oil paintings, geradlinig perspective, aerial perspective, and chiaroscuro (The Renaissance, 2013). There were many great artists of this period, but three great masters had been Leonardo de uma Vinci, Michelangelo, and Raphael who centered the period known as High Renaissance (Renaissance Artwork, 2013). Leonardo's best known works include the Hireling shepherd and The Last Supper. Michelangelo was reputed for his a large number of sculptures and paintings which included the decor of the threshold of the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican (Renaissance, 2013). Raphael, who discovered and was influenced simply by both Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo, painted especially The School of Athens which usually expressed time-honored ideals of beauty. The Catholic Chapel was a large influence together with the Renaissance art period several arts acquired depicted religious images, including the Virgin Mary (Renaissance Art, 2013).

The Baroque period began around...

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