Analysis of Poem

 Analysis of Poem Dissertation

‘Sunlight around the garden' simply by Louis MacNeice

In Sun rays in the Yard, the John MacNeice uses a complex framework with variated rhythm to convey the poems celebration of life together with the underlying fact that life is finite, death can be inevitable, nevertheless we should exist to their full potential whilst we can until it is pleasures end. In only 4 stanza's MacNeice explores a variety of different emotions. We have a nostalgic sentiment in terms of love lost, the more distant storage of a paradise and the understanding of its upcoming demise. Furthermore towards the end of the poem the poet writes of regrets and lastly acceptance, ‘and grateful too for sunshine on the garden'. It is a poem which commemorates the joys of living, both in bold activities and in calm moments, but it really does so in the sombre knowledge that a lot more finite and all joys need to have an end. Inside the first stanza MacNeice declares that the ‘sunlight in the garden hardens and grows cold'. Immediately he enters into his theme of the finality of loss of life. The sunlight, whose image describes a sense of heat and simplified beauty ‘grows cold'. Life will end and we will every ‘grow cold' eventually yet this should become accepted as well as the futile make an effort to, ‘cage the minute' while not alter the fate. The alliteration in this article teamed together with the harsh noises of the ‘c' emphasises the way we are not able to prevent it as well as the poet can be conscience of the significance of time as he describes its ‘nets of gold'. Each minute is quite valuable plus the reference to ‘nets' suggests that life is transient and that we cannot get it and hold onto it. The lack of punctuation at the end of the third line underlines this inability to halt time together with the last range giving a impression of vexation. The use of ‘beg' is emotive as it creates an image of futility and stresses the inevitability of death. The dovetailing of lines jointly produces a sense of echoing accentuating the lingering, waning quality of the enjoyment of existence which the poem explores. The...



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