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George Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue is definitely one of those classic classics that may be instantly identifiable to many someones ears today, even eighty years after it was initial introduced to the earth. It is a part that has discovered its approach into modern movies and advertisements, so that it is likely as recognizable as Chopin's Burial March or Beethoven's Fifth Symphony. Yet unlike these two pieces of iconic classical music, Rhapsody in Blue " resists category. ”1 In it happen to be elements of classical music, doldrums and brighten, making it at the same time " Gershwin's most famous piece” but as well " quite possibly his least understood make up. ”2 Indeed, while Rhapsody became a well known hit in the 1920s, the reception via critics was mixed best case scenario – a whole lot worse were the numerous critics who have dismissed the piece as dull or perhaps cheesy. 3

Today though, Rhapsody in Green is a famous work and few American compositions have got garnered more academic interest. For a piece that has mystified both musical technology scholars and average guests alike, this kind of essay is going to seek to remove the mystery Gershwin's personal unsecured work simply by discussing its jazz and classical impacts, and by grounding it tightly in the time and space through which it was created – showing it was a product that redefined high culture in the usa.

First of all, it could be argued that Rhapsody in Blue designated a turning point in the course of George Gershwin's audio career. It came after Al Jolson had registered the pop-hit Swanee, when Gershwin's various other crucial functions, such as An American in Rome and Porgy and Bess. In George Gershwin: His Life and Work, Howard Pollack identifies Gershwin's climb through the musicals of Tin Pan Us highway and Broadway. 4 During this time he began to ensure success through take songs (primarily ragtime and jazz) and musical takes on, but Gershwin had not achieved his ideal of " popular significant music. ”5 In fact , having been troubled enough by his perceived underachievement...

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