Siren Music - Brief Analysis

 Siren Track - Short Analysis Essay

In Homer's epic, the Odyssey, he tells the customarily sad, often terrifying tale of Odysseus' attempt to return home. One encounter occurred at the Sirens' island, a rocky place where sailors me their fate in a twisted affluence of deliver and shoreline.

Homer portrays these Sirens as hazardous and deceitful, and their tune tempts Odysseus so much that he instructions his men to tie him straight down, simply to make sure his endurance. Margaret Atwood's poem: Fascinating women Song, however , basks the Sirens within a light of subtle hazard, and intense desperation. Stanzas four and eight fine detail that desperation, as one Fascinating women sings, pleading for freedom " out of this chicken suit... Assist!... only you can easily. "

Inspite of the uncertainty of her sincerity, it shows Atwood's repeated use of weak feminine roles screaming out for liberation. Odysseus ignores this plea by " the honeyed voices" to the best of his skills.

Atwood and Homer vary primarily in point of view; Odysseus narrates the Odyssey, and one Fascinating women narrates Fascinating women Song. This difference implies the discord between Odysseus and the Sirens, and the one particular Siren's unhappiness with her station in the universe. Sensory language also prevails in both words and phrases. Sound and feel form in to reality with Homer's selection of language, talking about the Sirens' " ravishing voices" as well as the " chaffing rope. " Atwood's poem, however , information the image experience, describing the Sirens as " picturesque and mythical. "

Odysseus dominates in both equally works, resisting the Siren's call as a result of his impressive strength and intellect, even more defying the Siren's state, " it is just a boring music, but it works every time. "





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