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TO: Dr . Doe

FROM: Francis Stein, President Giant Drug Company

TIME: 10th September 2013

LSO ARE: Consultation relating to contract Validity


1 ) On May 1, Doe authorized and directed Stein the following letter: Let me accept a position as vice-president in charge of research for a period of four years at a salary of $500, 000 per year.

2 . On May 3, Stein received Doe's letter and called Doe and explained: " Your salary demand is too substantial. Will you reduce it to $300, 1000?

3. On May 3, in the phone discussion, Doe responded: " Your response is definitely insulting! We am too good a scientist to work for so very little! That's as low as I can move. ”

four. On May three or more, Stein quickly sent this letter to Doe: We resent the statement. I am not anymore interested in hiring you.

5. Stein then simply sent an adequately addressed, stamped express mail letter to Doe saying: " Acknowledge your conditions, although I wish you would reexamine a lower salary. ”

6. On May 4, Doe's secretary received Stein's share mail letter of popularity and located it on his desk. Stein's first letter had not yet arrived. Just before reading his mail on May 4, Doe secured a very lucrative contract as study director with MARK Prescription drugs, a competition of Giant. Doe quickly called Stein and stated: " I simply agreed to work for MARK Medications. ”

six. Stein responded to Doe: " You can't, I already accepted the offer. ”

In this case Francis Stein, Leader of Huge Drug Business offered Dr . Doe to marketing his new Medicine but the settlement offered by Stein was very reasonable as expected by Dr . Doe. So this was the reason that the proposal provided by Stein had not been accepted by Dr . Doe.

Though they entered into an argument regarding compensation so when resenting first of all Stein after than acknowledged the Doe's compensation. Nevertheless the acceptance has not been properly communicated to Doe. So Doe accepted the proposal to him by simply MARK Medication Company.


Stein consults you, asking if he contains a valid agreement with Doe and if so , whether Stein can power Doe to work for Large.

a) Analysing and talking about why there is certainly or can be not a valid contract.


In such a case Francis Stein, President of Giant Medication Company presented Dr . Doe to marketing his fresh Drug nevertheless the compensation offered by Stein was quite low needlessly to say by Doctor Doe. Which means this was the reason that the pitch given by Stein was not recognized by Doctor Doe.

Even though they entered into an argument relating to compensation therefore while resenting firstly Stein later than accepted the Doe's settlement. But the acknowledgement was not correctly communicated to Doe. So Doe recognized the proposal given to him by INDICATE Drug Business.


Doctor Doe offers fixed selling price to near $500, 1000 but Stein did not consented to the price $300, 000 Although most important part in the contract can be acceptance and since the discussion of cost between Doe and Stein was finalized was 500 usd, 000 but Stein would not give his acceptance for to Doe he got late to communicate to get his provide. Now Dr . Doe's acceptance was outdated and it was unqualified though there was contract but it was not enforceable legally so it is not considered as full contract.

Ideas ensure fairness to all the parties with creating simply no severe consequence or fee levied if perhaps these deals are terminated. Drawback of this concept is, that concept really does put virtually any guarantee or perhaps warrantee to get the fulfilment of contractual obligation. Based on the contract legislation otherwise decided, all privileges of the seller or the purchaser may be assigned unless the assignment would materially replace the duty of the other party, increase materially the responsibility or risk imposed in that party by contract, or perhaps impair materially that party's chance of obtaining return overall performance. A right to damages intended for breach with the whole agreement or a proper arising out from the assignor's because of performance of its whole obligation might be assigned inspite of an agreement...

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