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 ENC 1102 Argument and Persuasion On the net Tallahassee Community College – Fall 2014

Guide # 135997

" After an argument, I usually think of wonderful things I could have said. ” Everyone.

Brenda J. Reid

Email: [email protected] florida. edu

Phone Associates:

Office phone: eight hundred fifty. 201. 8052

**Phone during Online Office and Class Hours: 318. 906. 0945 **Contact during Digital Office and Class Several hours: Facebook Instant Messaging Division Workplace: 850. 201. 6070

Office Location: English Building, Office 263

Virtual Office Hours

M & T: 11: forty five – 12: 10

Virtual School Time:

Meters & T: 12: twelve – 12: 40

Farreneheit: 11: twelve – 11: 40

Supply in the Learning Commons (if you are in Tallahassee, come find me): Capital t: 4: 10 – 5: 40

Th: 4: 10 – a few: 40

I actually strive to react to emails and instant text messages within 24 hours Wednesday through Friday. Find our FaceBook page by looking on MsBrenda J Reid or search by my personal above email address. You will find the immediate link to my personal page in the " Contacts” button through this Blackboard (Bb) shell. Send me a friend obtain and I am going to add you! *I also (strongly) recommend you download the iphone app for Bb on your smart phone and add your TCC email account on your own smartphone, therefore if I send out an email or perhaps add data to Bb, you will instantly be informed. Here's What You will need for English language 1102:

1 ) *James, Missy, and Joe P. Merickel. Reading Literary works and Producing Argument. fifth ed. Upper Saddle Lake: Pearson, 2013. ISBN: 978-0-321-87186-2* 2 . This textbook can be acquired through the TCC Bookstore, (850) 575-9200.    Ensure you have the pc plugins essential to view all of the material available in a distance learning course on TCC's Web browser and Media Plug-In verify. 3. Learners should maintain all course paper and other work, because mandated by instructor, stored on their computer hard drive and/or a travel drive right through the term. 4. Technical Help and Support Resources: *Do not contact your instructor for technical difficulties: contact one of the assets listed below. five. Not sure using Blackboard or perhaps need specialized assistance? Click the Resource tabs located at the top of the Blackboard site for links to any or all the offered technical support solutions here at TCC. 6.        � View Blackboard Tutorials within the Distance Learning web pages.  Help Office online info and lessons can be found for the Help Office web pages. 7. Phone or perhaps email help is available pertaining to Blackboard and IT from the Help Office at 850-201-8545 and [email protected] fl. edu. � 8.        � One on one technical and application assistance and media project support can also be acquired on campus at the Learning Commons and Academic Calculating Labs. 9. Teaching Quest: The teachers is focused on creating a learning environment for a lot of students which will promotes, stimulates, and encourages higher order considering and critical thinking expertise that are grounded in an understanding of the fundamental concepts of the disciplines in which they may be taught. 12. Tallahassee Community College can be an open-admission, comprehensive community college. Its mission should be to provide quality in teaching and learning through educational programs that promote the intellectual, interpersonal, and personal advancement students; assist them in developing a chance to think vitally, creatively, and reflectively; and prepare them for productive and rewarding lives.

*You must get the book just for this course. For those who have financial aid troubles, then be aware that copies in the text are available at the collection for in one facility use only.


ENC 1102 Argument and Persuasion (3) FA SP SU Requirement: a C or better in ENC 1101. Building upon the writing skills developed in ENC1101, this system focuses upon the rhetorical strategies and techniques necessary for writing college-level persuasive arguments. Lecture: several hours. Significant writing...



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