Terry Gau Case Study

 Essay in Terry Gau Case Study

At the age of twenty-three, Terry Gau borrowed $7, 500 coming from his mom to start his own making business out of a hired shed in suburban Taipei. (Balfour & Culpan, 2010). After two decades gaining situation and electrical power within the technology manufacturing market Gau leveraged his initiatives to kick off the company today known as Foxconn Technology and has as grown this to nearly a million workers in 9 countries with almost $50 Billion in assets. (Foxconn, 2013). Quotes of Gau's personal worth at among 6 and 10 Billion dollars dollars though he claims to have little interest in that number, stating within a 2010 Bloomberg Business week interview that, " We am doing work not for cash at this moment, I actually am doing work for society, I am working for my employees. ” At this point in his sixties Gau has begun planning his succession at the head of his company with a focus on management in their 30s and 40's who have confirmed " themselves by running all their units assertively. ” (Dean, 2007). Terry Gau perceives himself like a benevolent master as is confirmed in both his actions and in his words; " The important thing in just about any organization is usually leadership, not really management. An innovator must have the decisive valor to be a dictator for the common good. ” (Dean, 2007).

Li Alter, a section manager in control of component creation staffed by entry level employees proved herself an asset towards the company through her Task-Oriented leadership design. (Lussier & Achua, 2012, p. 115). Through close supervision and ongoing disciplinary action Chang was able to continue to keep her personnel engaged and production on schedule. Upon her promotion to handle a larger office employing a experienced labor force consisting of designers and engineers whose technical knowledge exceeded her own and whose operate practice was very different than that of the assembly line employees Chang had previously monitored. Having had accomplishment in her former role, Chang started to implement changes in her new department thinking she would maximize productivity although found that...

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