The Battle of Seven Pines

 The Challenge of Eight Pines Dissertation

‘The Challenge of Seven Pines'

Might 31- June 1, 1862 - Henrico County, Virginia- While specifics are still turning out to be clear regarding the recent " Battle of Several Pines, ” one thing is perfect for sure. It absolutely was fought between Union ( North) and Confederacy (South). Leading the Confederacy was confederate leader Joseph At the. Johnston. The Union was led simply by General George McLellan. 

This kind of battle most began with Joseph Electronic. Johnston's (pictured above ) plan to guard the capital. This original prepare was likely to take 2/3 of the Confederate army to do defending. The other 1 / 3 of the military services would stay back, and hold Union Army large North in the river. Nevertheless just just lately happening, and having no clue or predictions on how other war will pay out in the finish, it isn't hard to tell that Joseph Electronic. Johnston's prepare was a poor idea from the start. The factors that produced his prepare bad, were timing, as well as the amount of soldiers participating. Not working out how actually planned, as a result of Johnston's poor decisions, the battle started five hours later than scheduled. If things choose to go as designed, two thirds in the Confederate armed service would have recently been participating in this battle. Nevertheless seeing ast hey would not go since planned, oly a small fraction of the two thirds formerly set battled. Though not successfully pursuing through, the thing that was supposed to happen, was Union III and IV Corps were to be ruined and mixed by Johnston's brigades. The IV Corps and Union III had been two main operating systems to the south of the Chickahominy River. All of the ecurie were designed to battle IV Corps near the Four Oak trees Station. Since this challenge was arriving at a halt, the Union commander Johnston, was injured very poorly. Injuries received were a bullet taken straight into his right make, and popular into his chest by a shrapnel. Due to the severity of his traumas, commander Johnston was able to not anymore lead the Confederate armed service. For simply a very limited time period,...



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