The Sagrada Familia

 The Sagrada Familia Research Paper

" The Temple [of The Sagrada Família] expands slowly, nevertheless this has been the case with everything destined to have a long life. Hundred-year-old walnut trees take many years to grow tall; on the other hand, reeds grow quickly, but in slide the wind knocks and bumps them down and there is no more to be said" 1 . These kinds of words, spoken by Antoni Gaudi regarding his life-long work, Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Família, are a methods to justify basically long time essential for the construction from the Sagrada Família, while referring to the designs and structural concepts he borrowed by nature in the designs. Whilst this reasonable explanation may give comfort to a few, others hesitation the temple's eventual finalization, as its construction has just passed 123 years, with approximately half of the temple completed. 1 Although churches and cathedrals have always suffered long periods of construction, the master plan set forth by Gaudi features such an complex nature concerning set the temple in a league of its own. The drive of Gaudi and more involved in the task are very representative of the Catalan people. Catalonia, and particularly Barcelona, has historically been a successful and prosperous area in European Europe, an innovator in governmental policies and transact, but misplaced much of it is importance and independence in modern times. Catalan nationality persevered, and Barcelona wanted ways to reaffirm their identification and show the world it is a town rich with life and culture. Although many projects will follow, possibly the best example on this desire to prove to the world the really worth of Catalonia is put in the Sagrada Família. The grand size and sophisticated attention to depth involved in the construction of the Sagrada Família certainly are a clear portrayal of the great of Catalan pride. The historical placing at the time of the temple's labor and birth is extremely important in appreciating its value for the Catalan culture. Catalonia's legacy as a wonderful power in Europe began to be reduced inside the 15th century with the Ferdinand of Aragon's marriage to Isabella of Castile, when time Catalonia effectively started to be part of the Castile state. If the last from the Habsburgs perished without a replacement, beneficiary, several international locations attempted to set up their own individuals on the tub. Catalonia on the sides with the Austrian candidate, Archduke Carlos, who have lost for the Bourbon diktator Felipe Sixth is v imposed by France. Barcelona decided to avoid the new crown in This town, but without the support with their allies these were beaten into submission. Seeking to squash the Catalan personality, Felipe prohibited writing and teaching in Catalan. two Later, the attacks of Napoleon in the early 19th century together with the Romanticism movements began to invoke sentiments of Catalan nationalism, resulting in the recovery of their language. 1 " La Renaixença" emerged in this time, and with it a prefer to bring about a resurgence of tradition in Barcelona amongst the smoke of the factories and the overcrowding of the city. One group that started in this time was your, " Asociación Espiritual sobre Devotos sobre San José" (Spiritual Connection of Supporters of St Joseph), whose objective was to achieve, throughout the protection of St . Joseph, the succeed of the Catholic Church industry in which the happening of dechristianization was imposed by the Professional Revolution and the accompanying sociable changes. " 3 In 1872, 6 years following the founding in the association, owner Josep Maria Bocabella attended Rome to offer the Pope a silver picture of the Ay Family. 4 While going back, he passed through the town of Loreto in which he witnessed its beautiful house of worship, and was inspired to develop an expiatory temple in Barcelona dedicated to the Ay family. The association searched a centrally located plot of land, unfortunately he forced to select a plot away from the city's center, surrounded by the streets of Flotta, Provenza, Palma de mallorca and Cerdeña, due to their finances. The problem of your ample budget is a idea that continued to be with the serenidad throughout the construction...



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