Torstar Case Study

 Torstar Case Study Essay

Difficulty Statement: The web determining what form of gross policy Torstar Corporation should certainly use to best benefit all their shareholders although it is not sacrificing Torstars ability to get strategic assets to maintain capital expenditure requirements. This includes identifying policies about dividend payouts, stock repurchases stock splits. This case will probably be analyzed from the point of view of Robert Steacy, Vice-President of Financing of Torstar Corporation.

History: On April 28th, 1998, Robert Steacy will talk with the board of directors to discuss his memorandum saying the pros, disadvantages and tips with respect to the quantity of regular returns, special dividends and share repurchases. This company is actually a broadly primarily based information and entertainment marketing and sales communications company having a meticulous background located in Appendix A. Some of the factors that will be deemed include the debt-to-assets ratio (which should be in 30 percent or 50 percent if perhaps there was the ideal strategic acquisition), the share price, previous regular gross payouts ($0. 26), not to mention taxes.

It is often thought that all dividend insurance plan doesn't subject because in a world with perfect capital markets, with ignored taxes and flotation costs, people can produce homemade returns and hence erase the purpose of payouts in the first place. However , in the actual, dividend insurance plan is actually quite important. Businesses that spend dividends commonly are demonstrating their shareholders that they are fiscally sound and possess good earnings. Firms that cut their very own regular gross have been recognized to take a hard hit in stock price because it may communicate financial woes.

Dividend plan is also important because it relates very much for the clientele of who buys your company. At the moment, the clientele that buys Torstar enjoy hefty payouts and techniques away from that would change that has ownership inside the firm. When ever analyzing the best dividend insurance plan, the most important necessity that must be attained is that this decision should take full advantage of shareholder benefit.

Alternatives: There are a variety of alternatives that could be used for the dividend coverage (and various combinations) even so I have discovered two key alternatives that I will be analyzing in this case:

Substitute 1: Maintain current dividend policy precisely the same with respect to the payment of regular dividends, special dividends and share repurchases.

Alternative two: Make repayment of regular repayment plus contain payment of special gross while raising share repurchases. In order to reduced the share price back in levels before the last your five years (and hence enable more buyers to purchase bundles), introduce an investment split.


Alternative 1

First of all, consider the qualitative factors behind this situatio. Keeping current dividend policy the same much more or significantly less a given thinking about the repercussions of lowering gross payout therefore hence a typical dividend of $0. 21 should be issues for equally alternatives. Share repurchases thus far for 08 Torstar are 589, three hundred Class M shares in an average cost of $50. 50. There were no exceptional dividends settled thus far with no stock splits and hence under this alternate we will not consider any particular dividend plan or inventory splits. This kind of alternative poses the least quantity of risk, however it will not take into account the increased financial versatility due to the sale for Hebdo. The financial examination of this option is located in Appendix B.

Substitute II

Comparable to Alternative We, it is important to keep the regular dividend payout by $0. twenty six to show shareholders the economical stability with the corporation. However , due to increased cash flow (projected free cash flow of 50 dollars million in 1998) addititionally there is the possibility of presenting a special dividend as well. In the financial results, a special gross of about 10% of the regular dividend would provide well in this article. In addition , Torstar should...



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