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 Toyota Crossbreed Synergy Drive Essay

Case study: Toyota Cross types Synergy Drive


Cross types Synergy Travel, (HSD) is known as a set of cross types car technology developed by Toyota. HSD technology is used in the Prius, Highlander Hybrid sport-utility vehicle (SUV), Camry Cross types, Lexus RX 400h, Lexus GS 450h, and Tuning LS 600h/LS 600hL autos. It combines an electric drive and a continuously varying transmission. Toyota describes HSD-equipped vehicles because having E-CVT (Electronically-controlled Consistently Variable Transmission). We can sort the HSD-equipped vehicles because ―combined HEV‖. The Synergy Drive can be described as drive-by-wire system with no immediate mechanical interconnection between the engine and the engine controls: both the gas pedal and the gearshift lever in an HSD car merely give electrical indicators to a control computer. HSD is a improvement of the original Toyota Cross System (THS) used in the 1997–2003 Toyota Prius. As such it is occasionally referred to as THS II. The name was changed pending its use in vehicles beyond the Toyota brand (e. g. Lexus; the HSD-derived systems used in Lexus vehicles had been termed Tuning Hybrid Drive since 2006). The Tuning Hybrid Drive system offers since been touted due to the increase in motor vehicle power as well as environmental and efficiency rewards.

1 . Theory of operation

HSD replaces a normal designed transmission with an electromechanical system. All car powertrains drive a driveshaft that turns the drive wheels in the car. Mainly because an internal combustion engine provides energy finest only over a small variety of torque and speed, the crankshaft with the engine is often attached to a switchable equipment train that fits the needed torque at the wheels to the torque that may be delivered by engine. HSD replaces the gear box, alternator and beginner motor using a pair of electrical motor-generators (MG), a computerized shunt system to control all of them, a mechanical power splitter that provides a second differential, and a battery pack that serves as an energy reservoir. Every single Motor-Generator (MG) can convert electricity to motion (mechanical power) or perhaps vice-versa.


The physical connections in the system allow the computer to convert mechanised power from your engine between three varieties: extra rpm at the wheels (under regular rotation speed), extra rotation speed in the wheels (under constant torque), and electricity. This accomplishes the benefits of a continuously adjustable transmission, only that the torque/speed conversion uses electricity instead of direct mechanical connection. The HSD works by shunting electrical energy between the two motor generator and the battery power to smooth out the load within the gasoline engine. Since a power boost is available for periods of acceleration, the gasoline engine can be measured to match only the average load on the car, rather than their peak load: this helps you to save fuel mainly because smaller motors are more power efficient. Furthermore, during normal operation the gasoline engine can be operated at its great speed and torque level for electric power, economy, or emissions, while using battery pack absorbing or delivering power as appropriate to balance the need placed by the driver. The following graph shows the difference among a shift-gear ICE automobile and a car with HSD.


Red line = acceleration of your vehicle with IC petrol engine Green line sama dengan acceleration of a combined HEV

An HSD car are unable to operate without the computer, power electronics, and MG2, though in rule it could function while lacking the gas engine. Used, HSD vehicles can be powered several miles without fuel, as an unexpected emergency measure to reach a gas station.

installment payments on your The planetary gear product of Toyota Prius II

The motor (motor-generator MG2 in Toyota manuals; sometimes called " MG-T" pertaining to " Torque" ) can be mounted on the driveshaft, and therefore couples rpm into or perhaps out of the driveshaft: feeding electric power into MG2 adds rpm at the wheels. Between the engine and the drive shaft, a " power divide device" can be mounted. This can be...



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