X86 and Intel

 X86 and Intel Essay

1 ) What had been the strengths and weaknesses from the Intel Inside campaign?

Strong points:

● Intel delivered the ideal message intended for consumers to be aware that the part inside a pc is very essential for optimal performance. Which Intel is a only credible brand that greatly affects the performance of pcs. ● The Intel Inside campaign resulted in partnerships with OEMs. ● The Intel Inside campaign affected the buyer perception in such a way that consumers perceive Intel as a microchip manufacturer that provides top quality. ● The Intel Inside campaign motivated consumer behavior. Intel became a necessity in buyer purchasing decision. ● The campaign reinforce the brand image of Intel.


● Received large costs in doing the advertising campaign.

2 . Evaluate Intel's ongoing use of the Pentium family of processors. Did Intel make the right decision by stretching the brand through the Pentium 4 processor chip?

Yes, Intel made the ideal decision with the continued use of the Pentium family of processors in identity extensions. This kind of choice of action accompanied various advantages. Initial, it carried an established identity that buyers were quite definitely aware of. Second, this means that there is a lower on promoting costs as the firm does not need to spend for advertisements for consciousness. And another advantage is it eliminated consumers by confusion to competing offerings.

a few. Suppose you were the primary Marketing Official for AMD. How do you propose the company position by itself to better compete with Intel? Might you propose that ADVANCED MICRO DEVICES institute a great Inside-like ad campaign?

No, if we were the primary Marketing Officer, we would certainly not emulate an " inside-like” ad campaign. A " me-too” strategy will just depreciate the value of ADVANCED MICRO DEVICES brand. Buyers will see AMD as a brand that simply gets along with what Intel brand has generated.

We will certainly propose to put AMD as being a manufacturer that delivers microprocessors that complement very well to...



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